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Red Poppy - mixed media painting by contemporary painter and artist Linda Paul . Vibrant  painting representing the 3 stages of life and growth.

Artist's inspiration:   The concept of the artwork is the stages of life. The spring green glass squares symbolize birth and youth and the quieter gold-green ones represent repose, with of course the center poppy being the epitome of life's energy in the middle years.

 Red Poppy - original artwork by artist Linda Paul - Egg Tempera with glass pieces 20" x 16" x 3/4"
 Price: $799.00
Sale Price $399.00

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!


This artwork is painted in pure egg tempera.  I used a cradled art board that is 20" x 16" x 3/4".  The vibrant colors come from using pure pigment. The egg yolk is a simple and stable binder. ( read more about egg tempera).  The square pieces are beveled glass. I painted the back of the glass in iridescent greens. The painting is fully sealed with an archival varnish.
 poppy painting side view  side view of painting, click picture to see larger image

red poppy painting with black picture frame
click picture to see larger image

You also might like my little study painting of Red Poppy

Original poppy original painting by artist Linda Paul

framed in black high gloss acrylic frame
framed size 12" wide x 14.24" high
Medium: egg tempera

free shipping
Price $399.00
Sale price:  $199.00

This little painting was a study for two larger sizes. it is painted in pure egg tempera and the green sqaure you see id beveled glass which has been painted a pretty celery gree on the reverse side. This little original painting has vibrant and intense color


Here is how this painting was created:

sketch for poppy paintings
the idea sketch

July 14, 2010

I am getting ready to start a new painting. I also want to redecorate my living room in a more contemporary style. Currently it is a classic Italian style, which I love, but I just want it to have a more modern feel.  I am going to start  the decorating process with a painting and then build the rest of the room decor around its colors, shape and mood.

So my painting needs to be more contemporary as well.  As always I start with an idea and a sketch. While drinking my morning coffee and sitting at my desk, I came up with an idea for a three panel piece. My original thought was to have a series of poppies in different stages of life and bloom (bud, flower and seed pod) representing the three stages of life: birth,  growth and repose .( I love process)
It seems a  little too literal  to use actual flowers for all three stages, so I think I will just use a poppy for the center panel and use symbolic representations of birth and repose for  the other two panels.

contemporary poppy painting in progess

July 19, 2010
I decided to do a smaller 20" x 16" painting that encompasses all three panels together before I take on a large artwork of individual panels. I need to see where I am going.
In the picture to the left, I have sketched out the placement of the center poppy and the squares that will represent spring/fall ,  youth/maturity
I have laid down a wash of yellow/orange egg tempera to start. I intend for this painting to have very intense colors and lots of movement in the brush strokes

July 20, 2010
At this stage I am starting to develop the color tone and intensity of the oranges and reds. I will paint the center poppy in red and add some rich brown color to the background
Poppies are very symbolic. They are know to symbolize beauty, fertility, eternal life and rest as well as being an emblem of remembrance for those who fought and died in World War I.
I have several varieties in poppies in my garden. Some of the new ones are a very deep red, I also like the wild red Tuscany poppies and the orange California ones which reseed themselves in my flowerbed every year

poppy contemporary art painitng 20 x 16

July 22, 2010 I  have finished the painting and am very happy with it. It is exactly what I envisioned. The squares are pieces of beveled glass which i painted on the back with a iridescent spring green and a darker gold/green

 Now I have to scale this artwork up to 3 panels that are 18" x 36" each.

These paintings are perfect for those who want to transition from classic to contemporary decor. There is still some semblance of  realism in the poppy flower, but then the painting flows into a contemporary style through the colors and use of symbolism and shape.


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 "I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic art work.  This was a christmas present for my fiance.  She loves the Italian culture with vibrant colors and nice architecture.  One day we will go there.  She designed our new kitchen with many of the same yellows and oranges in the painting, with some earthtones as well.  You displayed these colors in the setting better than I have ever seen.  I plan to send you a picture of your great painting in its new home very soon.  She was excited and I just wanted to give my thanks. Charles   more customer  reviews

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Contemporary Art by painter and artist Linda Paul