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roses and vine version B
Roses and Vines
The Vineyard kitchen backsplash
The Vineyard
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Beautiful kitchen tile mural by American artist Linda Paul of a stone terrace with sculpted roses, wine and bread overlooking an impressionist landscape.

Artists Inspiration: I love Tuscany & I love roses! I  have many rose bushes my Colorado garden. I like to juxtapose sculptural still life elements of nature against soft impressionist landscapes. This artwork had a magical feeling from the day I started the first sketches.

Wine & Roses
Shipping is free in Continental USA and Canada

rose and wine tile murals
click picture to see larger image

Pricing & Online Shopping

4" x 4" tumbled marble tiles 6" x 6"tumbled marble tiles

Wine & Roses Tile Mural 20" x 16" on 4" tile $399.00
Wine & Roses Tile Mural 24" x 20" on 4" tile $459.00
Wine & Roses Tile Mural 28" x 24" on 4" tile $499.00
Wine & Roses Tile Mural 32" x 28" on 4" tile $629.00


Wine & Roses Tile Mural 24" x 18" on 6" tile $399.00
Wine & Roses Tile Mural 30" x 24" on 6" tile $499.00
Wine & Roses Tile Mural 36" x 30" on 6" tile $699.00
Wine & Roses Tile Mural 42" x 36" on 6" tile $999.00

Dimensions are given as length first, then height   A note on sizes:4x4" marble tiles actually measure 3-7/8" and 6x6" marble tiles measure 5-7/8". The listed sizes allows for grouting.  If you push the tiles tight together the murals will measure slightly less than the listed sizes.   For example a 30" x 24" mural actually measures 29-3/8" x  23.5" if the tiles are placed tight together. 

Custom Tile Murals:  We can create a custom wall mural on tumbled stone tile to fit your individual space.  Just give us the length and height of the space you have for your mural, and we will email you a quote with pictures to show exactly what your mural will look like. We use either 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" tiles, so your measurements should fit dimensions using  either of these tile sizes.

Don't know What Size to Order?  If you are not sure which size of backsplash mural to order, just email us a straight on picture or design drawing of the space you have for your backsplash and we can tell you which is the best size for your space.  Be sure to include all dimensions.

You can also order longer versions of Wine & Roses
extended version of Wine and Roses

4" x 4" tumbled marble tiles 6" x 6"tumbled marble tiles

Wine & Roses EV 24" x 16" on 4" tile $399.00
Wine & Roses EV 32" x 20" on 4" tile $529.00
Wine & Roses EV 36" x 24" on 4" tile $599.00


Wine & Roses EV 30" x 18" on 6" tile $429.00
Wine & Roses EV 36" x 24" on 6" tile $599.00
Wine & Roses EV 48" x 30" on 6" tile $999.00

Super Extended Version
wine and roses back splash extended version
click picture to see large image

4" x 4" tumbled marble tiles 6" x 6"tumbled marble tiles

Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 28" x 12" on 4" tile $399.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 36" x 16" on 4" tile $499.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 44" x 20" on 4" tile $599.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 52" x 24" on 4" tile $869.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 60" x 28"   4" tile $1199.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 68" x 32"   4" tile $1599.00


Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 42" x 18" on 6" tile $699.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 54" x 24" on 6" tile $899.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 66" x30" on 6" tile $1399.00
Wine & Roses SEV Backsplash 78" x36" on 6" tile $1899.00


Accent Tiles:    4" x 4"  or   6" x 6" tumbled stone  $40.00 each

wine picnic basket
picnic basket


wine glass rose vase
glass of wine and roses


decorative accent tile  
wine basket and table


red roses  


two roses 
WR-5 $30.00


reversed rose tile
WR-6  $30.00




square picture frames   tv-6 accent tile in square frame  You can add a frame to any of our 4x4" or 6x6" accent tiles and hang them as wall art
 buy frames

Roses continuous border You can order this in any length you need
4x4" or 6x6" tiles. $40.00 per tile

Contact us with the length  you want (in 4" or 6" increments) and we will make it for you
roses border tiles

wine and roses splash with matching hood border tile   Wine and Roses Mural with Matching hood border tiles

In this photo artist Linda Paul designed a  matching decorative rose tile border  to go  around the cooktop hood which is  custom made by California Custom Cabinetry in Petaluma, CA
Wine and roses back splash  wine and roses in custom kitchen  A Beautiful Kitchen!

This kitchen features classic styling with gorgeous custom woodwork a large granite island and of course a tile mural backsplash of Wine and Roses by artist Linda Paul

click picture to see larger images
wine roses mural wanadering vine border
Wine and roses tile mural with wandering vine frame and onyx tiles

tin backsplash idea
Wine & Roses Tile Mural with a trendy tin backsplash. you can mix backsplash materials to great  effect!

custom tile wall murals
Artist Linda Paul designed this custom decorative tile border of roses to fit this client's stove hood

 alcove kitchen stove top and mural
The kitchen alcove with a faux stone arch is a  new trend and great design. It is a ArcusStone product installed by Architectural Design Stone in Colorado.  Our Wine and roses tile mural is the perfect finishing touch. Love the granite color.

 wine and roses with subway tile
36" x 24" wine and roses mural with subway backsplash tiles and a great kitchen design


wine and roses installed side view2 colors grout
Notice that this customer used two colors of grout: a lighter one for the background area, then a darker one for the arch.   This works well when you don't want to break up the image with  contrasting grout colors.

outdoor kitchen backsplash idea
New picture and backsplash idea
Our Wines and roses backsplash mural in this fabulous summer outdoor kitchen

custom built wine cabinet and mural
Our Wine and Roses in this beautiful custom wine cabinet


tile mural in wine cabinet
close up of mural in wine cabinet

 see more pictures of installed wall murals

 Custom: We can create our Roses and Vines (below) or Wine and Roses with under cabinet side wings and top extension to ceiling

  before pictures of Stasi kitchen     completed custom installation
Before                                          After                                               shows top extension to ceiling, behind hood

Check out these before and after pictures of this custom Roses and Vines backsplash installation  click here to see the design process of this project

We can design & create a custom tile mural just for you! Artist Linda Paul is an expert in designing her images to fit your space perfectly!

Tile sizes used for murals & backsplashes are:
4" x  4" or  6" x  6" (x 3/8") tumbled stone

Our  murals ship in approx. 4 weeks,   free shipping
accent tiles ship in two weeks (sooner  if they are in stock)
see our in stock murals that ship quickly

you can expedite your order to ship in 2 weeks for an additional charge of $100.00
just click add to cart

Our Italian tumbled stone murals come with a satin/matte finish. 

Our tile murals are easy to clean with soap & water and are designed to be used as kitchen backsplashes & behind stoves & ranges.

 email  our tile design experts or call 1-800-936-9958  to order or inquire    
toll  free  from USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii

Dear Linda,  The Wine and Roses mural came today.    The mural is so beautiful. I love the richness of the colors and the elegance of the design.  It was also packed very very well. We will love it all our lives.  Thank you. Suzane

"I really am glad that I purchased the Vines and Roses mural for my kitchen.  My kitchen is small and the mural behind the sink is absolutely gorgeous and the focal point of my new kitchen.  I've received many compliments from friends and family on the beauty of the mural and what is adds to the kitchen"   sandy

"We finally have the mural done and it turned out great!  Even better than we expected.  Everyone that sees it really likes it and wants to know where we got it.  We make sure we tell them! We are very proud of the mural!  Thank you (especially for adding the rose in the middle of the top trim part). Bob and Barbara Weber. "( installed above mural & hood custom tile border)

Read reviews and comments from other customers who purchased a kitchen backsplash mural.

About our stone tile murals & kitchen backsplashes
picture of tumbled stone tile    side view of tumbled stone tile  

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