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Original Hand-painted Glass Art by artist Linda Paul

Artist Linda Paul's a new collection of original hand-painted and gilded glass artwork.  The back of the glass is hand-painted then gilded in silver. The metal on the back reflects the light and colors beautifully . Each one is an original work of art.

sunrise bayou original framed glass art
Sunrise Bayou
Original framed glass art painting or ready to hang removable backsplash $699.00
Abstract sunflowers glass painting
Sunflower Party
20 x 20 framed glass art $1099.00
western art painting of cowboy boot, hats, lariat, horses
Cowboy Country
9 piece glass wall art or backsplash $2500.00

painted dragonfly framed art
Dragonfly Pas de Deux
Original glass art framed painting
14" x 14" $499.00, and larger custom sizes
Sunflowers and blue butterfly glass wall art
Sunflowers and Blue Butterfly  Original Glass Art or backsplash $699.00
framed green butterfly art
Green and black Framed butterfly original glass art or backsplash accent 15" x 15" $499.00
comes in smaller and larger sizes and other colors too

glaa tile art red poppies and hummingbirds
Poppy and Hummingbird
6x6" glass tile original painting
buy framed  for $160.00 or unframed $120.00

silver and black painted horse art tile
Hi Ho Silver
4x4" glass tile original painting

Linda's art glass is inspired by stained glass but is designed to be used as wall art. The light, rather than coming through the glass as in a stained glass window, is captured and reflected by the silver metal leaf on the back of the glass behind the transparent paint. Please contact Linda for custom sizes and different metal and paint colors. Kitchen backsplash use: Linda's glass art can be adapted to be used as tiles in your backsplash.
prices from $ 80.00 to $1099.00

info about Linda's Glass Art

 Each one is a unique original work of Art:  These are original works of art hand-painted on the back of 1/4" glass. Linda makes her own translucent paint so that the backing of gold, silver or copper shines through and reflects the light. 

Framing and Hanging Glass Art:  Linda's glass art can be framed and hung on your wall. We carry little frames for the 4x4" and 6x6" pieces. You can buy larger frames at any frame store see our  black, brown, bronze and silver square frames

lead time 4 weeks for small glass pieces up to 8x8"
6 weeks for glass art sizes 12" x 12" and up

Behind the Glass  After the art is hand painted by Linda and then gilded in either silver, copper or gold. A protective sealant is applied to protect it

Real metal.  The copper and gold metal leafs that Linda uses are more subject to slight aging and over time than the silver, which is actually an aluminum leaf and  not likely to have any color change

This glass  art can be hung on your kitchen backsplash.  Being glass, its easy to clean. Also great for bathrooms or anywhere you need colorful pretty art

Seeing IS believing and we believe you will absolutely love your art purchase from "Linda Paul Studio". 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely enraptured with your purchase."