Color Me Italian Tile Kitchen Backsplash Mural by artist Linda Paul

Features Italian tile design with leaf border and berries in the four corners. The center piece is a still life design of leaves, lemon, olives, pear, pineapple, orange, mini peppers, fig and apple

Artist's Inspiration:  Artist Linda Paul has always been inspired by Italian Art and all things Italian!  Rich Tuscan colors helped inspire this classic design. What could be more perfect for Tuscan style kitchens!

Buy as vertical, horizontal or  square orientations in many sizes

color me italian tile backplash vertical version
 horizontal COlor Me Italian tile Mural
Italian tile design

still life backsplash mural

Color Me Italian by American Artist Linda Paul 
Price $
499.00 and up
 Our beautiful murals and accent tiles are available in porcelain/ceramic or marble tile. Marble tile murals have a 35% surcharge. Please contact us to order your mural with marble tile

more details about tile types, sizes etc  About painted tile murals

Our standard finish is a satin finish,  Just let us know if you want a glossy finish (same price)

Pricing & Online Shopping

6x6" x 3/8" porcelain  tile mural backsplash

Color Me Italian Backsplash  24" x 18" on 6" tile $499.00
Color Me Italian Backsplash  36" x 24" on 6" tile $799.00
Color Me Italian Backsplash  42" x 30" on 6" tile $1225.00
Color Me Italian Backsplash  54" x 36" on 6" tile $1890.00

Italian mosaic tile backsplash design
Square version of Color Me Italian

6x6" x 3/8" porcelain  tile mural backsplash

Color Me Italian Backsplash 18" x 18" on 6" tile $499.00
Color Me Italian Backsplash 24" x 24" on 6" tile $699.00
Color Me Italian Backsplash 30" x 30" on 6" tile $869.00
Color Me Italian Backsplash 36" x 36" on 6" tile $1269.00

vertical still life mural
Vertical version of Color Me Italian

6x6" x 3/8" porcelain tile mural backsplash

Color Me Italian Vertical 18" x 24" on 6" tile $499.00
Color Me Italian Vertical 24" x 36" on 6" tile $799.00
Color Me Italian Vertical 30" x 42" on 6" tile $1299.00
Color Me Italian Vertical 36" x 54" on 6" tile $1890.00

Berry Accent Tiles   6" x 6" x 3/8" porcelain  $50.00 each (can also be ordered in a 4.25" x 4.25" x 1/4" thick size)

raspberry accent tile
raspberry tile


blueberry accent tile
blueberry tile


cherries accent tile
cherry tile


strawberry accent tile
strawberry tile


Leaf Border tiles - You can order our fabulous border tile of fall leaves in any length you need on  6x6" tile $50 per tile
leaf border tiles

You can also buy my Color Me Italian as a longer horizontal design in these sizes:  24" x 12" $499.00 ,  36" x 18" $649.00 or  48" x 24" $1119.00

  about murals        
Heat setbacks from traditional stovetops Ceramic/porcelain or marble tile murals must be set 6" above and 2" back from any heat source.  Hot pots/pans should be kept 2" away from the mural. A stone chair rail or pencil border around your mural will help to deflect heat from below
Do not install ceramic/porcelain or marble tile murals above stoves that have a heat vent on the back. The heat that comes out of these oven vents is extreme

Dimensions are given as length first, then height. 
Don't know What Size to Order? If you are not sure which size of backsplash mural to order, just email us a straight on picture or design drawing of the space you have for your backsplash and we can tell you which is the best size for your space. Be sure to include all dimensions. We can design the perfect backsplash mural just for you! Artist Linda Paul is an expert in designing her images to fit your space perfectly!

email  our tile design experts or call 1-800-936-9958  to order or inquire   
toll  free  from
USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii

When will I get my order?  Our  murals ship in approx. 4 weeks,   free shipping in USA and to Canada   see our in stock murals

you can expedite your order to ship in 2 weeks for an additional charge of $100.00
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Installation Pictures

A Classic yet Contemporary Style Kitchen with our  24" x 24" square Color Me Italian  tile mural on ceramic tile with matching accents in the backsplash

Customer who installed this backsplash says, "I wanted to share the final pictures of our backsplash. I couldn't be happier! It adds such a warm and eye-catching dimension. Even my boys ages 11 & 15 appreciate its beauty. Thank you!" Kaaren Urbandale, IA

A French Country Beauty

Here is our Color Me Italian on 6x6 marble tile installed in a beautiful French Country Kitchen. The mural is bordered by our .75" rope liner border.  Love the huge clock on the hood!

square version of Color Me Italian installed over sink

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