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Online shopping for tile trim borders.  Travertine and marble ogee chair rail and pencil (or cane style) tile trim: cream,  gold, mocha, and noce brown colors.

Why buy your tile borders from us?
We inspect and hand select each piece for a perfect match. We individually wrap each piece for shipping.  If any piece should arrive broken we will immediately replace it free of charge.

What is the difference between marble and travertine stone borders? Marble is polished, smoother, very hard and more refined. Travertine is a bit more rustic and has naturally occurring little holes and a bit more fragile.

Free shipping on all our tile borders!    see chart below to see how many tile trim pieces you need for your mural size. These tile borders are in stock and ship from our studio in 3 to 5 days.

 Noce pencil style travetine border

Noce Brown travertine.  - more rustic than the marble
a cooler brown color than the ogee above
matches our 2" x 4" travertine subway tile and also our 4x4" and 6x6" Noce travertine tile
profile side view of pencil border tile   noche cane style border tiles


Noche Brown Travertine 3/4" x 12" Pencil Border tiles $12.99 each
On sale for $9.99 each
qty:    33 in stock

marble trim mocha tile border marble_border trim in mocha color
Smooth polished natural marble in mocha brown and beige colors. Very high quality and stunning! Goes nice with our dark travertine marble subway tile
(not quite as dark as the Noche border)


Mocha Marble 1-3/8" x 12" Ogee chair rail tile trim border $14.99 each
qty:    60 in stock

  Free shipping in USA

side profile view of Mocha pencil border trim

mocha colored marble border tile


Mocha Marble 3/4" x 12" Pencil Border tiles $12.99 each
qty:    59 in stock

marble border tile - pencil cane style      profile view of marble border tile - pencil cane style
click pictures to see larger images

 smooth real marble pencil border tile - very pretty and sophisticated
(also called cane style)


Ivory Marble 1" x 12" Pencil Border tiles $14.99 each
qty:    85 in stock


check out our new metal tile trim borders that look like stone but and come in 16 different metal finishes.  Its a great way to transition from a stone tile mural or medallion to travertine or marble backsplash tiles .

  Tumbled small Bar Liner
shown in brass highlight polish

side profile view of landmark tumbled bar liner

Tumbled Small Bar Liner 12" x .5"
  Medium Tumbled Bar Liner
shown in copper highlight polish

side profile view of landmark tumbled bar liner

Tumbled Medium Bar Liner 12" x .75"  
  Tumbled Large Bar Liner 1 x 12
shown in bronze highlight polish

side profile view of landmark tumbled bar liner

Tumbled Medium Bar Liner 12" x .1"  
  metal tumbled step chair rail border 2 x 12
shown in nickel silver highlight polish

side profile tumbled step chair rail landmark

Tumbled Step Chair Rail 12" x .2"  


A tip from Linda Paul on which color border tile to order: The border tile acts as a transition zone between the mural and the rest of  your backsplash tile.  Pick the color that most closely matches the tiles you are going to use in the rest of your backsplash .

This chart indicates how many 12" molding trim pieces you need for each size of mural. Includes 10% extra

Artist owns the copyright of all artworks displayed. Use of artwork is prohibited without written permission from the artist.

Tile Borders  - Travertine molding and trim tiles