Tuscan Village Tile Kitchen Backsplash Mural by artist Linda Paul

Beautiful tile murals of a Tuscan Village by artist Linda Paul. This tile mural is a series of Italian vignettes: The first is a Tuscan house where tomatoes are being strung and are drying in the sun. This is where sun dried tomatoes come from!  My cocker spaniel is sitting on the step. A red bicycle is parked with all kinds of goodies from the market. Through the wisteria framed archway is Cafe del Dolce Mama! At the very back of the cafe is a tiny arched window with a miniature Italian landscape. A flower shop is laden with Tuscan sunflowers, tulips, calla lilies, gladiolas, blue hydrangeas and curly willow. The last little store is a gelato and Italian dessert shop where you can get all kinds of sweet things. Its siesta time in the village. dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing! This mural is perfect for Tuscan decor . Made in my Colorado art studio

Tuscan Decor - Village

   by American Artist Linda Paul 
Price $
499.00 and up

 Our beautiful murals and accent tiles are available in porcelain/ceramic or marble tile. Marble tile murals have a 35% surcharge. Please contact us to order your mural on marble tile

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6" x 6" x 3/8" porcelain  tile mural backsplash 

Tuscan Village Backsplash 24" x 12"  on 6" tile $499.00
Tuscan Village Backsplash 36" x 18"  on 6" tile $649.00
Tuscan Village Backsplash 48" x 24"  on 6" tile $1119.00
Tuscan Village Backsplash 60" x 30"  on 6" tile $1749.00

Tuscan Accent Tiles   6" x 6" x 3/8" porcelain  $50.00 each (can also be ordered in a 4.25" x 4.25" x 1/4" thick size)

dolce mama cafe tile
mama dolce cafe


Village-1 tile 6"

red bike tile
red bicycle


Village-2 tile 6"

dog tile accent
cocker spaniel


Village-3 tile 6"

Italian cafe
Tuscan cafe tile


Village-4 tile 6"

Italian sundried tomato
sun dried tomatoes


Village-5 tile 6"

Italian Dessert Restaurant Menu
dessert menu


Village-6 tile 6"

Italian flower shop
flower shop


Village-7 tile 6"

 Italian cafe
table for two


Village-8 tile 6"

Tuscany window
wisteria window


Village-9 tile 6"

siesta sign
siesta time


Village-10 tile 6"

dog and; sundried tomatoes
making  sundried tomatoes


Village-11 tile 6"

red bicycle and dog
dog & bike


Village-12 tile 6"

Italian desserts sign
sweet stuff


Village-13 tile 6"

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Dimensions are given as length first, then height. 

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Installation Pictures
tuscan village installed mural
"Linda's artwork is so original and unique.  I spent hours online trying to find a warm Tuscan feeling, one that had really deep, rich colors.  Maybe it is the egg tempera, or Linda's fabulous designs, but either way, the mixture is perfect!  Furthermore, the quality of the work product is exquisite.  The tiles arrived extremely well packaged in several layers of shipping materials, they are sealed to perfection, and labeled for easy installation.  My wife and I installed in about two hours and had a great time doing it!  Priced right, looks incredible, I am a totally satisfied customer.  Look for my next order this summer when I do the outdoor kitchen!   Pedro M. Fairfield", CT

I LOVE the mural and little accent  pieces.  I can't thank you enough for custom making the mural for  me.  Your work is beautiful, the colors are wonderful and your style  suited me to a "tee".  You can see from the photos that I was able to  find little Tuscan house canisters to complement your artwork.

   Sandra Palmer
Hi Linda,  The mural is beautiful! The colors are beyond what we expected. When you said the pictures on the internet didn't do justice, you were right. The tiles are enchanting. We will probably start installing the mural this weekend. I hope to have pictures for you soon.  Thanks again,  Steve   Purchased Tuscan Village mural 
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Artist's Inspiration: I wanted to create a Mediterranean village and all the life it encompasses. When I travel in Europe, exploring little towns and villages is my favorite pastime. Then once I have looked in all four corners (my husband has a different expression for it), I love to sit down and enjoy a coffee and a treat in a nice outdoor cafe. I love how the cafes are tucked into little nooks and crannies, like the village was an English muffin. Artist Linda Paul
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