Butterfly Glass Art Tiles of Butterflies - hand-painted by artist Linda Paul.

Framed butterflies to hang as art or butterfly glass tile accents to insert between tiles or glue on top (onlays)
sizes 4x4", 6x6" , 12" x 12" or any custom size or color

4" x 4" Butterfly beveled glass tiles, $59.95 each,   or framed in black wood frame $99.98 with free shipping.  You can also order a 6" x 6" size for $89.99 each. Shop Online.  When adding the tiles to your cart,  select the style as: 1/4" Thick TILE (with backerboard) or ONLAY (for gluing on top of other tile or surfaces) see picture of these two styles.  or buy as framed art
lead time 3 weeks

blue butterfly art tile
Cobalt Blue and White
4x4 Butterfly Glass tile

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Select Style:  Tile or Onlay

green black and white butterfly art painting
Green, Silver and White
4x4 Butterfly Glass tile

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orange with red spots butterfly art tile
Amber with Red Spots
4x4 Butterfly Glass tile

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framed butterflies blue
Cobalt Blue and White
 Butterfly Art 6" x 6"
Black wood frame


framed monarch butterfly art
Amber with Red Spots
 Monarch Butterfly  6" x 6"
Black wood frame


green framed butterfly
Green and Silver
 Butterfly Art 6" x 6"
Black wood frame


Tiles go both horizontally or diagonally (by turning tile to the right 45 degrees)

These beautiful original butterfly glass art accents are hand painted by Linda Paul behind 4" x 4"  beveled glass. The glass is hand-painted on the back, then just the butterfly is hand silvered. The background color is a cool white. The translucent paint and silver catches and reflects the light beautifully. You can insert these glass tiles between other tiles in your backsplash, or glue on top of other tiles or surfaces (see below for description and pictures of both styles). They can also be framed and hung at art
Lead Time: in stock onlays and framed butterflies ship right away. Allow an extra few days in ordering as a tile (with backerboard) If not marked in stock, Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for Linda to make the butterflies for you
can be special ordered in larger sizes

Butterfly hand-painted glass tiles set of 4 in  aqua, tangerine raspberry red and celery green. Buy as onlays which are 1/8" thick (glues on top of existing tile)  or as tile style which is 1/4" thick (it has a 1/8" board glued to the back of the glass for installing between other tiles

regular price for set of 4 is $239.80 sale price is $99.00 for set of 4 in either style
1 set in stock. Please allow a few extra days if you select tile style as I have to glue the 1/8" thick board to the back of the glass

Set of 4 4x4 hand-painted glass butterfly tiles onlay style $99.00

Set of 4 4x4 hand-painted glass butterfly tiles. Tile style with board $99.00

Green and Black Butterfly Art Glass
 Original hand-painted art by artist Linda Paul. Framed in Black Metal frame

Original hand-painted work of art. Can also be hung as ready to hang backsplash art
Painted behind 1/4" thick glass
Framed in satin black 1-1/4 wide x .75" deep metal frame.    
Framed size: 15" x 15"
 Just hang it from a sturdy hook on your wall or install directly

 special introductory price $499.00 please contact us to order. Can be made in any color. Lead time 4 weeks

The butterfly art goes great with white or grey walls or white and grey kitchen tile. The black frame can be changed to a different color for an additional charge.
Because its glass in a metal frame , it can be hung above a stove for a unique a beautiful backsplash focal point. it can also be directly glued to the wall, frame and all, and tiled around it. You can remove the hanging hardware by loosening the 2 screws of the strap hangars (that contain the wire) and the strap hangars will just slide out.

This picture show the two styles of our glass accent tiles from the side and back

Installation Options:

1/4" thick tile - Installs Between Other Tiles:  The glass itself is 3/16" thick in the center and 1/8" at the edges (because of the bevel ). We add a 1/8" board to the back so the entire piece is 1/4" thick and can be installed in between your other tiles.  The tiles install just like our regular  ceramic or marble tile. 
Installation Instructions

Glue on Onlay Style:
 You can also glue the glass tiles on top of existing tile. In that case, we do not add the back board so tile thickness at edge is 1/8".  Glue on top of other tile with two part epoxy.  You can seal the edges with clear silicone.  The color for the 1/8" glass side is silver grey.

Frame and Hang as Wall decor: The butterflies can be framed and hung in. See our frames
In this photo, my customer Sandi enclosed this beautiful inspirational verse on her wall with two of my framed butterflies. I switched the direction of one  of the butterflies for her.

Here is her customer comment:
Thank you! The framed art is beautiful!

Artist's inspiration: I love butterflies and the freedom that they represent.  These original works of art are hand-painted in translucent paint that I make myself. After the butterfly painting is completed, I back the butterfly part in in silver leaf. the rest of the glass background is whiteThe silver shines through and reflects the light beautifully. Even in a very dark room, this artwork will capture whatever light there is and reflect it because of the silver on the back of the glass

Customer review of Linda Paul's Glass backsplash art," "The art glass arrived today and it is even more beautiful than I expected. We are so happy with the art. It gives interest and focus to the tile backsplash over the stove. The colors of the art are beautiful and the piece creates the illusion of being lit from within. It's been a pleasure to do business with you and I will certainly recommend your company highly.  " Kathy Rooney, NY

email our tile design experts or call 1-800-936-9958  to order or inquire  
toll  free  from USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii

butterfly backsplash
shows new green Butterfly Glass Art in kitchen with rustic subway tile

green butterfly tile in white kitchen
Green Butterfly by Linda Paul looks great with white tile. Hang over existing tile or install frame and all between other tile

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ready to hang backsplash abstract butterfly
Abstract Butterfly original Glass painting  - can be used as a backsplash.
yellow and grey canvas art
Hand-painted butterfly art in custom colors to match your decor