Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is classic blue

Linda has fabulous painting and prints avaialbe with this color

Pantones 2019 color of the year is Coral

as seen to the left in one of Linda Paul's new butterfly tiles

Artist Linda Paul shows how you can use Pantone 2018 Colors of the year to decorate your home


Color trends reflect the moods and desires of our society. They are not decorating rules, but reflections that might match up with what you feel. If they don't, that's ok, pick your own colors that make you feel good. With all that is going on in the world we need optimism and individualism reflected in our color choices. Our homes are increasingly important as a personal sanctuary and our colors choices affect how we want to feel. Don't we want to feel optimistic and happy? Here are some of the Pantone 2018 color palette  reflected in my artworks as well as a few holdover favorite's from 2017.

I love Pantone's Cherry Tomato and Meadowlark together, with more emphasis on the Meadowlark (which I call Honeybee Yellow) than the Cherry Tomato (Scarlet) used just here and there. This goldy yellow tone can be used as a wall paint color or just as an accent in the wall art and pillows. Although I do love a single yellow chair.
Pantone's Cherry red color
Pantone Cherry Tomato
This color is pure energy

Pantone Meadowlark yellow
Pantone Meadowlark
joy and happiness
custom art for restaurantsButterflies in Honeybee yellow (Pantone (Meadowlark) and Scarlet (Pantone Cherry Tomato)

While I like Pantone's Palace Blue and Nile Green for wall paint colors, I  prefer the blue and greens to pop a bit more when it comes to artwork. Pantone's 2017 color called "greenery" is the shade that I like for art in a tropical or coastal decor setting. These colors will refresh, revitalize and renew your spirit
pantone palace blue
Pantone Palace Blue
calm yet dramatic

pantone Nile grreen
Pantone Nile Green
soothing and peaceful
tropical living room decor green and blue
Butterflies in Linda Paul's Tropical Green and Blue

pantone greenery
Pantone Greenery

Pantone's Lime Punch is a bold color but it pairs beautifully with grey black and white
pantone Lime punch

The Neutrals! Neutrals are a must in any decor. Great color only pops when paired with the right neutral color
here are Pantone's Classic Neutral colors for 2018
pantone Sailor blue color
Pantone Sailor Blue
a true classic navy
Pantone harbor mist color
Pantone Harbor Mist
A perfect medium grey
pantone warm sand color
Pantone warm Sand
truly a classic
Pantone Cocomut Milk
Pantone Coconut Milk
classic off white

Color trends are fun but its just as fun to create your own.
Linda loves color and how it makes us feel. A single color in isolation without a color next to it is like a pea without its pod. Its the combination of colors that exponentially elevates emotions and feelings.  My dream is to be on one of the world's color councils, studying culture and the picking trends that reflect it

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