Grapes mosaic tile medallion backsplash                   tile murals for sale

Kitchen Backsplash Medallions and Tile Murals
Stunning tile backsplashes on marble and mosaic tile.  Collection includes tile murals, mosaic tile medallions, metal tiles and tile accents.
 Tons of backsplashes and tiles to choose from in all price ranges. There is lots to see.

canvas art prints for sale    buy original art paintings

Canvas Art Prints
Contemporary art prints of vineyards, wine, Louisiana, flowers, kitchen art seascapes and  landscapes of Tuscany France and USA. 
 Buy high quality, affordable ready to hang  artwork directly from the artist

Original Paintings for sale
Beautiful , unique, original egg tempera,  acrylic and mixed media art paintings by artist Linda Paul. These are one of a kind works of art.
Painting styles and themes include abstract landscapes, contemporary flowers,  Italian and French cuisine, wine and ocean scenes. Each artwork tells a story.

wine decor accent tile  pear cheese grapestuscan honey
 Just put on sale!  50% off  4x4" and 6x6" accent tiles mix and match  go to Tiles on sale!