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Contemporary Art Prints - Paintings  *

 Italian & Mediterranean Art Prints  *

French Country Art Prints

Kitchen Art and  decor *

Wine Art  *

 Landscape Art Prints

Flowers and Gardens 

Southwest peppers & Mexican Art  *

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Tiles Murals and backsplashes

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 In Stock Kitchen Backsplashes  *

Glass Tile Backsplashes DIY

How to Install Metal Accent and medallions *

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Mosaic Tile Liners  *

accents and onlay collections *

Metal Corbels and Brackets *

1" x 1" metal accents collection *

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metal tile borders *

metal grapes decor collection  *

Fleur de lis tile accents    *

Studded Bracket Collection *

Fruit and vegetable tile collection *

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Kitchen Backsplash Designs and Ideas *

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Canvas Prints List:

A Day in Provence

Angels in The Vines 

Anywhere USA prints *

Ballet Dance prints  *

 Art of Coffee 
 Aspen leaves and trees set of 3 

Blue Bike & Roses and Red Bike  *

Blueberry Tart *

Botticelli Angel

Chili Pepper Kitchen

Coffee art prints - set of 3 *

Dolce Far Niente, Just hard Work and Repose *

Everything Tuscany Print 

Fields of Tuscany 

Flower Cart and Down the Garden Path  *

Flower Shop and table For 2 *

French Bistro

French Cafe by the Sea 

French Country House *

French Country Kitchen

Fruit & Flower Still Life 

Fruits of Provence 

Fruits of The Earth  *

Fruits of Tuscany  

Grapes & Parmigiano *

Grape n Vines (autumn Vineyards)

Grapes, Wine & Cheese

Herbs of Provence

Huile d'Olive (olives & Oil) *

Italian Kitchen and Pepper Time *

Italian Still Life print  *

 Italian Pizza Kitchen

In The Rooftops *

Italian Landscapes - set of 3 Rust Skies

 Louisiana Kitchen Art Prints  

Market Day  *

Martini Glass & Shaker

Metaphor - large canvas wall art

Ode to Monet

 Olive Garden

Olives & Majolica Pitcher

Orchid Window *

Path of  Soles

Pearls in The Sand and The Blue Pearl  *

Pepper Pail  *

Peppers  *

Plums & Pear *

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rooster and Sunflower canvas Art print *

Salsa *

Sole Journey

Southern Cooking art prints   *
Spirit of The Prairie

Stairway To Heaven

Standing Tall - Boulder Flatirons *

Sunflower Field - Sunflowers art  *

Sunset Over Tuscany

Sunset Window

The Road Less Traveled *

The Vineyard *

 Tropical Paradise on canvas  

Tuscany Window 

Tuscan Village print on Canvas  

 Tuscany in the Mist

Two Peppers  *

Under The Apple Tree  *

Vineyard Vines & Wine  

Wall of Ages

Western Blue Sky series of 3 prints

Wild horses canvas print  

Wine Cellar  prints *

Wine and Art 

Wine Country and The Olive Grove *

Wine & Roses 
Original Paintings List:

A New Beginning - Green Clematis  

Angels in the Vines 

art deco ode to Wine  *

Contemporary paintings of 3 apples, peppers, pears

Cowboy Country western art painting new! *

  Autumn Leaves  painting    re *

Arianne Ballet Dancer  

 Art of Coffee    

Back from The Garden Painting  

Boats in the Harbor Nautical painting  

Boules Painting - French Landscape Painting
Coffee paintings set of  2   

Dance of the Snowflakes Painting  *

Fish Art Paintings  *

Fishing with Picasso *

Fleur de Lis  abstract paintings

Fields of Tuscany impressionist painting *

Fresco Wall (with fruit & veggies)  *

Giselle au Nuit Painting  *

Grape Vines (fall vineyard) painting  *

 Hollyhock Lane and Down The Lane French Paintings   

Italian Pizza Kitchen painting

Life series with Poppy  set of three
Lotus Flower Painting   

Louisiana Kitchen Original paintings   *

Mama's Cooking, Pepper Tango & Holy Trinity  

Love and freedom and two birds at Sunset

Mother of Pearl - Blue Sky

Northern Light  *

Nutcracker Original Painting  

Ocean waves

Paintings of trees

Pearls in The Sand and The Blue Pearl - beach art paintings

Red Poppy   
 square abstract art paintings    *

Sunflower acrylic paintings   

The Lemon Tree

The Road Less Travelled *

Three Dancers  

Tuscan Kitchen  *

Tuscan Village Paintings of Italy  

Tuscany in the Mist *

Water Lilies Painting    

Wine & Art  

Glass Art 
* Re


  Tile Murals & Backsplashes:

 A Day in Provence backsplash *

Angels in the Vines tile backsplash mural     *

Art of Coffee backsplash  *

Black, White and Grey Still Life Mural new

Chili Pepper Kitchen backsplash  *

Cowboy Country *

Color Me Italian backsplash  *

Everything Tuscany backsplash  *

A Farmhouse in Tuscany   *

Fields of Tuscany backsplash *

French Bistro

French Country House *

Grapes 'n Vines Backsplash    *

Italian Kitchen Window    *

Italian Pizza kitchen backsplash  *

Louisiana Kitchen   *

Market Day *

Olive Garden tile mural  *

Pepper Pail  *

 Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rooster and Sunflowers Kitchen backsplash *

 Roses & Vines *

Salsa * 

 Sole Journey  *

Spring Flowers & Gardens Murals *

 Sunflower Field  *

Sunflower Party  tile mural *

 Sunflowers in the Vines *

Sunset Over Tuscany  *

 Sunset Window  *

 The Vineyard kitchen backsplash  *

Tropical paradise tile mural  *

 Tuscan Village  *

 Tuscan Kitchen Tapenade backsplash *

 Tuscany Arch  *

 Tuscany in the Mist *

 Wall of Ages  *

Wild Horses mural *

 Wine & Art    *

Wine & Roses *

 Wine Country  *

Glass Original Tile Art

Butterfly Art and Tiles

Dragonflies and Cattails glass art *

The Rooster Glass Art  *

Sunrise Bayou Glass Tile Art *

Sunflowers and Blue Butterfly *

Sunflower party original Glass Art paintings *

Black White Silver Sunflowers backsplash *

Poppies and Hummingbird 6x6 *  re

Dragonfly Glass Tile Accents *

Fleur de Lis Glass Tile Accents *

Chateau Grapes Mosaic tile medallion   *

Contempo fleur de lis medallion *

Venito mosaic tile frame  *

Fleur de lis grand Vienna Medallion *

Fruit basket medallion *

Arched fleur de lis medallion backsplash *

Rachels Flower backsplash tile medallion *

Ravenna Plaque medallion *

Regal Fleur de Lis plaque and onlay *

Rhode Island Red Rooster medallion *

Studded Fleur de Lis medallion

Pineapple medallion  *

Tribecca medallion *

Roosters and critters accent tiles *

Lions's head collection *

Falling Leaves medallion and accents collection  *
 mini medallions *

New! custom monogram letters medallion

Landmark Metalcoat collection for sale online *

Other important pages

Articles - Tuscan Colors for Italian decor  *

Art licensing

Wholesale tile store program *