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Beautiful fleur de lis backsplash tile medallion with travertine marble mosaic tiles and metal fleur de lis center piece and studded bracket borders in bronze antique patina . Its perfect for a kitchen backsplash, wine cellar patio or pool area . You can order this beautiful backsplash in different sizes and in any of the stone colors or metal finishes below.

Please contact us with any questions or to order 

24 x 21 fleur de lis kitchen backsplash
click picture to see larger image
In picture above is Fleur de Grand medallion. Size is 24" wide x 21" high $ 1295.00- stone is S3 light travertine and S5 Noche and metal finish is bronze antique patina. Note the stones in the center of this medallion are square cut which differs slightly from the triangular cut ones in the Grand Vienna  medallion below

The  two medallions are the same color of metal and stone. Slight variations occur in stone colors and the photography of the images .Mosaic tile medallions are individually handcrafted in the USA

Grand Vienna Fleur de Lis medallion
These medallions feature the Fleur de Elegance center with studded brackets and Rachel's Dot accents

 arrives fully assembled on mesh backing, just glue onto the wall and grout  price $1295.00
Free Shipping in USA  See shipping info for shipments to Canada.

fleur de lis stove backsplash medallion

Picture above  is 24" x 24" Grand Vienna Medallion. Stone is S3 light travertine and S5 Noche and metal finish is bronze antique patina. The photo shoes the medallion with a light colored grout.  Your medallion will arrive ungrouted and  fully assembled on a mesh backing. Just glue to the wall and grout

 Fleur de Lis  - Grand Vienna medallion with Bronze Antique Patina finish on the accents with S5 noche brown travertine and S3 light travertine mosaic stone tile
Size 24" x 24"  $1295.00
This mural medallion must be grouted  Hand-crafted in USA

   1  in process and ready on approx September 18, 2014   free shipping in USA

Note:  California shipments will be charged 3.7%  sales tax. This will not show up in the online ordering system. You will get a second email confirmation with the tax added


fleur de lis stove backsplash medallion
Picture above shows our stock Grand Vienna fleur de lis stove backsplash tile medallion with cherry cabinets and Noche tile border. Stone in medallion is  S3 light travertine and S5 Noche and metal finish is bronze antique patina./p>

picture of grand vienna fleur de lis installed medallion 
 Grand Vienna fleur de lis  medallion with cream colored cabinets and S3 light travertine and S5 Noche mosaic stone tiles. Metal finish is bronze highlight polish
click picture to see larger image


medallion kitchen backsplash ideas
click picture to see larger image
This picture shows the Fleur de Lis -  Grand Vienna medallion installed as a kitchen backsplash. stone colors are cream travertine and noche

custom kitchen backsplash design with arched fleur de lis
you also might like this  27" x 24" arched version with  Fleur de Elegance centerpiece and celeste and wandering vine borders in bronze highlight polish.  The  mosaic stones is this picture are  Noche and Jerusalem Gold
Price for 27" x 24" as pictured above is $1995.00

Landmark grand Vienna Medallion 36 x 24
click picture to see larger image
This is a  36" x 24" Grand Vienna medallion $2399.00
shown before grout in S2 Botticino and S5 Noche mosaic tile with Bronze highlight polish accents

(The stone colors can also be reversed as in the picture to the right)
grand vienna medallion 31 x 21
click picture to see larger image
This is  the Fleur de Grand in  31" x 21" horizontal version
 Price $1995.00
shown before grout in Jerusalem Gold and Noche mosaic tile and Bronze highlight polish accents

(The stone colors can also be reversed as in the picture to the left)
grand vienna fleur de lis kitchen backsplash medallion
click picture to see larger image
Grand Vienna Medallion 24" x 24"
 with Nickel Silver highlight polish  accents
S3 and S5 travertine mosaic stone tiles
Studded Fleur de Lys contemporary kitchen backsplash
Studded Fleur de Lis
You also might like the Studded Fleur de Lis medallion on copper heritage mosaic tile and matching fleur de lis accent tiles
custom arched fleur de lis backsplash medallion
30" x 20" custom Arched Medallion with fleur de lis accent and Celeste scroll borders in a bronze antique patina metal finish.   Stone colors are S3 and S5. Price $1995.00
Celeste Fleur de lys mosaic tile and netal medallion back splash
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 Fleur de lis arched backsplash medallion
Size is 27" x 24" $1995.00
fleur de lis kitchen backsplash idea 
You can create this amazing fleur de lis inspired backsplash with our Fleur de Elegance  and studded bracket accent tile onlays.  Create a new backsplash with this design or glue the accents over top of your existing tile
fleur de lis Landmark collection from Linda paul Studio
You can also order all of the accent pieces separately
see our fleur de lis accent collection and shop online

 You can order this tile medallion with any of the stone and metal finishes below

mosaic tile colors
click picture to see larger image
Mosaic tile color choices for medallions and liners

Buy a sample for $5.00 each
samples  ship out immediately



Can't decide what metal finish to order? 
Buy a sample for $5.00 each - online shopping below

sample of copper high polish
Copper High Polish
copper highlight polish Landmark sample
Copper Highlight Polish 
sample copper antique patina
Copper Antique Patina
 sample oil rubbed copper
Copper Oil Rubbed
metal tile sample bronze high polsih
Bronze High Polish
sample bronze highlight polish
Bronze Highlight Polish
sample bronze antique patina
Bronze Antique Patina
bronze oil rubbed
Bronze Oil Rubbed
nickel silver high polish metal sample
nickel silver high polish 
nickel silver highlight polish
Nickel Silver highlight Polish 
nickel silver antique patina
Nickel Silver Antique Patina 
sample nickel silver oil rubbed
Nickel Silver Oil Rubbed  
sample of brass high polish metal finsih
Brass High Polish
sample of brass highlight polish metal finsih
Brass Highlight Polish
sample of brass antique patina metal finsih
Brass Antique patina

sample stainless high polish
Stainless Steel High Polish
sample stainless highlight polish width=
Stainless Highlight Polish

 Buy a sample for $5.00 each samples  ship out immediately -with free shipping


About mosaic tile medallions:

These beautiful tile medallions can be used indoor or outdoors.  They are amazing quality and durability

Tile medallions arrive mounted on a mesh backed sheet.. They must be grouted. Mesh backed mosaics depend on the application of grout for their strength and resistance to the elements.  You can use sanded or unsanded grout.  It is recommended that you use a professional tile installer who has installed mosaics.

High relief accent tiles, liners chair rails and bases installed above a cook top, outdoor kitchen or fireplace must be set 5 to 6 inches above and 3 to 4 inches back from heat source and have a minimum 2 inch set back from the profile (face of the tile).

Installed tile must use a high-grade thin-set mortar such as Custom EBMLite™ Epoxy Bonding Mortar.  If not using mortar, construction adhesive such as  SikaBond®  may be used.

Tip from Linda Paul : You can use a cake icing bag or a disposable squeeze bottle to create a thin filling of grout between the stones.  Smooth out the grout with your finger or small piece of wet sponge. Make sure you wipe off all excess grout and do not allow grout to dry on mosaic surface or metal accents. GoJo hand cleaner works well to polish the metal accents

 A sealer is recommended  for the stones after installation. A sealer/enhancer really brings out the color of the stones

Lead time: medallions will ship in approx 4 to 5 weeks. orders can be expedited to 2 weeks for an additional 15% 

Free Shipping in USA  See shipping info for shipments to Canada.

About the accent pieces :
The decorative accents and border brackets are made from a metal coated urethane substrate. They look like solid metal but are not.  They are made this way instead of as solid metal so that they can be cut and are light enough to mount within or on top of the tile. The metal finish will not chip, flake or peel from any cutting or drilling

 The accents can be purchased separately in any of the above finishes

Cleaning and Care Never use harsh cleaners , soap and water is best. Certain foods and acids may cause changes to the finish. The metal coating has the same aging qualities as real metal and needs to be cared for as such

collection of metal studded liners brackets and accents

click picture to see larger image 
Studded Collection:
Studded bracket 8.25" x 8.25" x 2" x. 5"thick  $64.95

Studded Jewel accent 1" x 1"  x 5/8" thick $15.95

Studded bracket Strap 10" x 2" x 5"thick  $49.95

Studded Fine Liner  9.75" x .5" x .25" thick $39.95

Stud Small Liner 12" x .5" x 3/8" thick $39.95

Studded Med Liner 9.75" x .75" x 3/8" thick  $49.95

Studded square Four 4" x 4"x 3/8" thick   $35.95
18" x 18" grand vienna fleur des lis medallion

Fleur de Grand Medallion size:  18" x 18" Price $1050.00 Picture above shows before grout in Bronze highlight polish with noche and Botticino Florito mosaic tile

Studded Fleur de Lys contemporary kitchen backsplash
Studded Fleur de Lis
Contemporary Backsplash Medallion
Size 36" x 24" price $2599.00

custom fleur de lis mosaci tile and copper fleur de lis
 Custom Fleur de Lis Backsplash by Linda Paul Studio.  56 x 24" mosaic tile kitchen back splash with metal fleur de lis accents and wandering vine border in copper oil rubbed finish.

email  our tile design experts or call 1-800-936-9958  to order or inquire    
toll  free  from USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii

 "I received my medallion. BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t wait to get the tile work done. I will send you some finished pictures. Thank you sooo much!! The fleur de lis is something special to New Orleans, and I am so proud to have it as a centerpiece of my kitchen. Season Flannery, LA "
Read reviews and comments from other customers who purchased a kitchen backsplash mural from Linda Paul Studio

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