Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile and Metal Medallions

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fleur de lis backsplash medallion
Fleur de Lis Medallion  stone and metal kitchen backsplash medallion. several Styles and lots of sizes.
ravenna and Romaesque backsplash medallion
Ravenna medallion and plaque center plaque sold separately too. variety of styles and metal finishes including bronze, copper, silver ...
mini medallion kitchen backsplashes
small backsplash medallions In stock and ready to ship  in sizes 8" x 8" to 12" x 12" $299.99 to $549.00
rachels flower medallion
Rachel's Flower medallion  Lots of sizes and stone and metal color choices

arched fleur de lis backsplash medallion
Fleur de lis arched backsplash medallion tile mosaic and metal.  Lots of sizes and styles from $1139.00
grapes stone and metal medallion
Grapes Mosaic Tile Medallion  custom sizes too. $299.99 and up
Rooster Mosaic kitchen backsplash medallion Size 10 x 10" $359.99,  24" x 24" $1419.00 or get a custom size 
falling leaves Kitchen backsplash tile and metal medallion
Falling Leaves Medallion by artist Linda Paul 24" x 24"  $1599.00 or buy just the center piece

fruit basket mosaic tile backsplash
Fruit Basket Kitchen Medallion Size 24" x 24" Price $1419.00  
falling leaves small backsplash medallion mosaic
Falling Leaves Small Medallion by
artist Linda Paul 12" x 12"  $549.00
brozne fleur de lis plaque
Regal Fleur de Lis Plaque medallion $2199.00 Size 35" long  x 25 high. or buy just the center piece
Pineapple kitchen backsplash tile medallion
Pineapple Mosaic Tile Medallion Size 12" x 12" price $480.00 Also larger 36" x 20 size with 3 pineapples

24 x 21 fleur de lis kitchen backsplash
Fleur de Lis Medallion  stone and metal kitchen backsplash medallion. Lots of sizes.
tribecca medallion 12x12
Tribecca medallion 12" x 12" mosaic tile and metal backsplash 
fleur de lis mini medallion
Fleur de lis mini medallion, also grape rooster, flower, pineapple from $299.00

seahorse mother of pearl shell tile mosaic
Seahorse tile medallions with beautiful abalone and mother of pearl shell and glass unframed from  $299.00

Collection of mosaic tile and metal kitchen backsplash medallions and decorative tile borders. The medallions are lovingly hand-crafted in the USA using natural travertine and marble stone and decorative metal accents. You can choose from lots of mosaic stone colors and metal finishes. Some of these items are in stock and some are special order and take approx 4 to 5 weeks . Orders can be expedited to two weeks for an additional 15% of your order.  Free Shipping in USA See shipping info for shipments to Canada. Prices $299.00 and up Custom work is welcomed.