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Vineyard Paintings - Grapes n Vines by artist Linda Paul

Original Sculpted Painting of grapevines and vineyard by Linda Paul.

Framed Size 45" x 35"    Free shipping in USA

original painting of grapevines and vineyards

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 Grapes and Vines Original Framed Egg Tempera Painting 45" x 35" by Linda Paul
 Price: $3,500.00

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    only 1 available - this is the original painting!



This painting is framed in a beautiful fresco frame hand-painted by the artist to perfectly compliment the artwork.

This original sculpted artwork was painted in pure egg tempera made from natural crushed stone & earth mixed with a bit of water and egg yolk.. Blues come from crushed lapis lazuli, greens from malachite & natural green earth found around Verona Italy. Painter Linda Paul  uses fascinating colors which have been "lost" for hundreds of years & new colors which she has discovered in the Rocky Mountains. Her earth ochers come from the ancient  mines of  France & Italy.  read more about egg tempera paintings:

 See how this painting was created!

The Sketch
I begin my sketching out the main elements that I want
  I wanted to play off  my last painting,  Angels in the Vines with  a similar window,  surrounded by grapevines, with a view of a vineyard in the background. 

 This stage I sculpt in bas-relief the grapes and vines. Once it is sculpted , I can not change the location of any  items. Sculpting  is always slow, but lots of fun
Painting begins
 The painting part begins! I am starting to lay down my base color. Even though this is not a very pretty stage of the artwork, its very important because the base colors I start with set the mood and direct the color palette that I choose for subsequent layers.  I speak of layers because an egg tempera painting is layer upon layer of thin color washes. It is the exact opposite of a oil painting created with thick color and a palette knife. By sculpting the artwork first in bas-relief, I add incredible texture and a tactile element to the painting
 I have started to work on the background landscape of the painting and have added a bit of color to the sculpted grapes around the window. I am creating  terraced vineyards and a road leading to the fields. 

I have developed the vineyard landscape to the point that I can start painting the sculpted grapes and leaves around the window. I still have more work to do on it though.  I really love the colors of a vineyard in fall, so I will carry that theme throughout the artwork. I plan to paint the grapes in shades of amethyst purple, green and raspberry  merlot and the leaves in both green and turning leaf fall colors

I am working on the grapes and leaves that surround the window. I work from light to dark (the opposite of an oil painting) so the leaves start out yellow, then I layer spice colors of oranges and  golds, and finally the greens. Then I take off some off the top color to reveal the light underneath ( I like complex layered color). Finally I will deepen some  areas to make the colors pop. I still have not decided whether I will darken the background behind the grapes. Painting is a journey that only creates magic when you go with the flow and let it draw you in a direction

This artwork is really starting to move together as a cohesive piece now.  The colors I am using  are the "in colors" for 2009.  Even though I use natural pigments to make my egg tempera paint,  I can blend them in any way to create any color I envision. You can decorate and inspire an entire room just from using the colors in this painting.

"Hi Linda   have just received THE WINE CELLAR (original painting). It beats all expections, I really am blown away by it. from a very HAPPY JEFF, South Hampton UK "

The Tuscany Window tile mural is absolutely beautiful.  It is a great feature in my wine cellar and reminds me of my days spent in Tuscany.  Everyone who visits my cellar is very complimentary.  Thanks,  Tim

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