Fleur de Lis original Art Paintings

by Linda Paul Studio

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original Fleur de lis paintings by artist Linda Paul
Free shipping on either of these paintings in USA or to Canada.

fleur de lis painting amber fire fleur de lis original art painting in copper and blue-green patina framed
Sale Price: $399.00

"Amber Fire" Fleur de Lis Painting by artist Linda Paul

size 12" x 16" x 2" deep - Price $799.00 with free shipping in USA  

fleur de lis painting amber fire 

click picture to see large image - copyright info will be appear of the art that you purchase

side view of amber fire fleur de lys painting by Linda Paul  side profile view of 12" x 16" Amber fire Fleur de Lis original painting 
Artist's Process: This beautiful original work of art is painted on a 12" x 16" x 2" panel. I first lightly sculpted the fleur de lis in bas-relief and then covered the entire panel in silver leaf. I then made my own acrylic paint to go over the silver leaf. The reason I make my own paint is because I can control the clarity and intensity of the pigments. When working over silver of gold leaf,  I like my paint to be fairly transparent so the metal shows through underneath.
I called this fleur de lis artwork Amber Fire because the metals underneath the paint captures the light like glass on fire. They capture and reflect any light in the room.  When the sun hits it , it is  spectacular!

 Amber Fire Fleur de Lis original art Painting by artist Linda Paul
Size:  12" x 16" x 2"

Price: $799.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!


You can commission this painting above in larger sizes

Copper Fleur de Lis Framed Painting
framed size is 12" x 14" (outer dimension of frame)
Price $799.00 sale price $399.00

fleur de lis original art painting in copper and blue-green patina framed

Artist's Process: I started with an 8" x 10" board and then sculpted the center fleur de lis and the 4 little copper ones in bas-relief. The I covered the entire board in real copper that I aged to a deeper color in a 550 degree oven. After that I applied an ancient patina process to turn parts of the copper a verdigris blue geen color. I sealed the entire painting in a matte acrylic  then framed it in this neat blue green frame with black accents

 Copper Patina Fleur de Lis Framed Art Painting by artist Linda Paul
Size:  12" x 14"
x 1" (frame depth)
Sale Price: $399.00 with free shipping in USA and to Canada

    only 1 available - this is the original painting!



Meaning of  fleur de lis:
The fleur de lis is a stylized lily. Fleur means flower in french and lis means lily. It has long been used in history for everything from decorative ornaments to kings and military insignia.  In July 2008 the fleur-de-lis became the official symbol of the state of Louisiana.

actual french translation of fleur de lis is  flower of the lily

grand Vienna fleur de Lis medallion

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fleur de lis onlay
Fleur de Elegance Borderless Onlay
(shown in copper, antique patina)
8.25" x 6.5"  
fleur de lis  kitchen backsplash idea You can create this amazing fleur de lis inspired backsplash with our Fleur de Elegance Borderless Onlay and studded bracket accent tiles (see below)  Create a new backsplash with this design or glue the accents over top of your existing tile. (Accents in the installation picture are oil rubbed bronze)
    fleur de lis Landmark collection from Linda paul Studio   See our collection of fleur de Lis metal wall art

shop online or call toll free 1-800-936-9958     Free Shipping  in USA & Canada

Questions, comments, or to order email the artist or call toll free 1-800-936-9958  or 303-604-9958 Colorado.  original painting in stock  ship in  7 business days  Shop Online -  Free Shipping in USA and to Canada

fleur de lys mirror art Hi Linda I wanted to thank you for the amazing Fleur de Lis wall piece I ordered from you. I had been searching for years for something to mount above the wall mirror in our very stylish dining room, and your work was the "ticket"!! Thanks so much, Logan Curtis

read more customer comments and testimonials

Dear Linda,  The Fleur del lis painting came in today.  I really love it.  I hung it in my kitchen and it looks so great.  You did a wonderful job!  Darlene Comeaux Lake Charles, LA

 "I received my medallion. BEAUTIFUL!  I canít wait to get the tile work done. I will send you some finished pictures. Thank you sooo much!! The fleur de lis is something special to New Orleans, and I am so proud to have it as a centerpiece of my kitchen. Season Flannery, LA "

Seeing IS believing and we believe you will absolutely love your artwork from Linda Paul Studio. 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely enraptured with your purchase.

Artist owns the copyright of all artworks displayed in this online art gallery. Use of artwork is prohibited without written permission from the artist.

Fleur de Lis wall art painting - original abstract paintings