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Can you imagine your own beautiful photograph or own original painting reproduced onto marble tile? Linda Paul Studio will create a custom tile mural backsplash from your own photo or personal art.

photo to tile - custom murals
click picture to see larger image
This customer had her painting made into a beautiful marble backsplash by Linda Paul Studio

Here is how it works:

1.  You send us a high resolution digital file of your photograph or artwork that you have created. We can help you figure out if your digital image will work. Ideally it should be at least 300 to 600 dpi..

2. You tell us what size you would like. We use either 4x4" or 6x6" (x 3/8")marble tiles so your  measurements should fit dimensions using either of these tile sizes. See the chart at the bottom of this page for sizes and pricing

3. We take your image and make some color and contrast adjustments

individual accent photo tile and color proof 4. We can make single accent tile for you with of a section of your image on it if you wish to see exactly what it looks like on the marble before you order a mural. Price for this is $50.00 including shipping. 4x4" or 6x6"

5. Time required to create your mural backsplash is about 4 weeks. (this can be expedited to two weeks for an additional $100.00

We can do single accent tiles from different images. Price is $100.00 for this first one, then $50.00 for additional ones from that same image

Questions or to order  email or call toll free 1-800-936-9958  or 303-604-9958

"Linda , Our mural tiles arrived yesterday all in perfect order.  It was amazing to see our favorite photograph rendered on tile, and we can't wait to have it installed.  It is beautiful!!  Thank you also for the detailed instructions about the installation (and it's also great that they are on your website too).  Pictures will be forthcoming!  Thanks again!  Mary Strizek"
more customer reviews

"The tiles arrived tonight safe and sound. We LOVE the mural! It's beautiful and perfect!  Fantastic job Linda! Really, really couldn't be happier   Cordially,  LaDonna"

Dear Linda,   We finally have our beautiful backsplash in place.  I wish you could see how fantastic it is.  The pictures do not do it justice.  All our friends and family comment how beautiful it is the first time visiting our home, and cannot believe we installed ourselves.  Installation was easy, exactly as your instructions indicated.   We are so pleased with the way it turned out and are looking forward to enjoying it for many years to come.  Will definately keep your work in mind for another project somewhere!    Rick and Deborah 

 click picture to see larger image
This painting the was painted by a customer's grandmother in 1910. We reproduced this special painting onto marble tiles to be used as a kitchen backsplash, Now our customer will always have the spirit of her grandmother in  her kitchen. The original painting was small  but we were able to make a large custom mural of it
This is a  photograph of the Italian country side which we put onto marble tile
custom photo tile mural 
click picture to see larger image


Customers photo put on to tile

Installation photos of Linda Paul's art on tile see more of Linda's tile art

Tuscany Arch stone backsplash mural installed
 Artist Linda Paul's Tuscany Arch mural.  You can buy this or have your own art or photograph reproduced onto marble tiles.

Go to Vineyard  backsplash



custom kitchen tile backsplash design
Angels in the Vines custom kitchen backsplash tiles

Angels in the Vines mural , border and accent tiles


custom tiles

more from Tuscany in the Mist


For an additional fee we can remove objects from your image that might be unsightly, say a power line .

 We can also personalize it with your name.

Please note. We respect artist copyright. We will only reproduce an image that you own the copyright to, or that you have received written permission to reproduce

Custom murals from your photo or artwork can not be returned.

Natural quarried white
 marble tile is used  for
 your mural


Side view of mural on 4" x 4" x 3/8" tumbled marble stone.
 side view of art on tile

4" stone tiles actually measure 3-7/8"
6" stone tiles actually measure 5-7/8"

Our tumbled stone murals come with a satin/matte finish. 

More about our murals

Why should you have your art or photograph put on marble by Linda Paul Studio?  I use the same attention to detail and high quality materials creating your custom tiles or kitchen backsplash mural as I do for my own artwork on tile. Our quality is Tiffany, not Kmart. We use only permanent pigmented inks and very high grade white marble. We used a custom sealer that is incredibly durable and beautiful.  

Special effects: For some images we can create a watercolor painting effect on your photo. Here is an example

original photograph for tile art reproduction
customer's photo as it was sent in - click to see larger
photo with watercolour painting effect
customer's photo with artistic watercolor effect
 click  image to see larger
Price guide for our custom tile murals and backsplashes from your photographs or art. 
see individual tile pages for pricing of Linda Pauls' art on tile)
Prices for rectangular murals

4x4" tiles                                     

 6x6" tiles     Prices for square  murals
            4" x 4" tiles
      24" x 12" 798.00      
20" x 16" 798.00   24" x 18" 798.00   16" x 16" 798.00
24" x 12" 798.00   30" x 12" 798.00   20" x 20" 938.00
    30" x 18" 858.00   24" x 24" 1198.00
28" x 12" 798.00   30" x 24" 998.00   28" x 28" 1,398.00
          32" x 32" 1598.00
24" x 16" 798.00   36" x 12" 858.00   36" x 36" 1,798.00
24" x 20" 938.00   36" x 18" 899.00      
28" x 16" 898.00   36" x 24" 1,198.00      
28" x 20" 938.00   36" x 30" 1,398.00      
28" x 24" 998.00   36" x 42" 1,998.00      
28" x 36" 1,398.00            
    42" x 18" 1398.00      
32" x 12" 858.00   42" x 24" 1,598.00      
32" x 16" 898.00   42"  x 30" 1,738.00      
32" x 20" 938.00   42" x 36" 1,998.00   6" x 6" tiles
32" x 24" 1,078.00            
32" x 28" 1,258.00   48" x 12" 1058.00   18" x 18" 798.00
    48" x 18" 1,198.00   24" x 24" 1198.00
36" x 12" 858.00   48" x 24" 1,598.00   30" x30" 1,398.00
36" x 16" 998.00   48" x 30" 1,998.00   36" x 36" 1798.00
36" x 20" 1098.00   48" x 36" 2398.00      
36" x 24" 1,198.00            
36" x 28" 1,398.00            
40" x 16" 1050.00   54" x 18" 1,598.00      
40" x 20" 1198.00   54" x 24" 1,798.00      
40" x 24" 1498.00            
40" x 28" 1,598.00            
40" x 32" 1,778.00   54" x 30" 2,258.00      
    54" x 36" 2,580.00      
44" x 20" 1398.00            
44" x 28" 1598.00   60" x 30" 2,398.00      
48" x 16" 1198.00   60" x 36" 2,798.00      
48" x 20" 1598.00   66" x 30" 2,798.00      
48" x 24" 1,598.00   66" x 36" 3,198.00      

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