Kitchen Backsplash Ideas, Pictures and Designs

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Everything tuscany Kitchen backsplash ideas and Installation

Love this kitchen backsplash design with  Everything Tuscany mural and tumbled marble splash back. Having the tile "step down" from the hood is a  a great idea for transitioning between the wall and the tile. The open feeling of the range area is terrific

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Fields of Tuscany kitchen backspash over range by artist linda Paul
Italian kitchen design

 that features our  Fields of Tuscany with faux stone hood,  granite countertop and fabulous stone backsplash tile.

A beautiful Fleur de Lys backsplash and classic white hood 

This is our stock Fleur de grand stone and metal medallion. The customer paired it with a lovely carved hood and dark cabinets

regal Fleur de lis kitchen backsplash picture
Fleur de Lis backsplash Plaque

Regal Fleur de Lis decorative tile onlay or plaque. Install on or over tile, stucco or any wall indoors or outdoors  to make an instant statement piece.  Comes in 16 different finishes

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Louisiana Kitchen Mural with red range
Linda Paul's Cajun art is a perfect focal point with this 6 burner AGA red range. It an innovative design  idea to have the microwave built in to the corner cabinet. Very convenient

Louisiana Kitchen mural

custom kitchen tile mural backsplash idea
This 60" x 42" custom mural of our Italian Kitchen backsplash was installed in this remodeled kitchen. The tiles were cut into an arch at the top to fit the existing black tile. Installing two stove tops instead of a large one is a great idea from both an economic and functional standpoint.

custom mosiac bar backsplash with personalized M
Classic and beautiful

Custom 42" x 24" Rachel's Flower medallion with modified Bellagio Scroll border

Extended version sunflowers back splash with subway tile and beautiful cabinets and range, This kitchen decor is contemporary and inviting.

"We received and installed the
sunflower field tile backsplash and it exceeded our dreams.  This stunning piece of art brought dimension and character to our new kitchen.  Everyone who has seen it either in pictures or in person is taken with the beauty of it all.  I feel so blessed to have stumbled across your fantastic work." Sandy B,  Texas

Here's a fabulous kitchen backsplash idea. Our Tuscany Arch mural installed with two sizes of Scabus stone tile. Notice the little square ones on the bottom,  then a border tile, then diagonal 4x4's on top.

Tuscany Arch and see more install pics

Need a Southwest kitchen backsplash idea?
This is a very creative backsplash design with our chili pepper kitchen tile mural. Love the framing of the mural with the black slate and the shelf above.

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Check out this gorgeous kitchen with our Angels in the Vines custom tile backsplash. We designed matching tiles for the sides of the cook top area as well

 Angels in the Vines

rustic kitchen decor backsplash
Rustic Kitchen design with Italian Country Flair

Our Fields of Tuscany back splash is perfect with this Italian Country rustic kitchen decor. An eclectic mix of cabinet colors adds interest and charm to a Mediterranean style country kitchen

Picture shows a 28" x 20" version of Fields of Tuscany mural on 4x4" marble tile

Ravenna medallion kitchen backsplash design ideas
Make your backsplash the centerpiece of your kitchen with this Ravenna plaque kitchen backsplash medallion. You can order this from us  in a variety of metal and stone finishes.

Ravenna Plaque info

 Featured Installation and kitchen backsplash idea
Our 24" x 30" vertical version of Roses n Vines kitchen backsplash with red Viking range and potfiller

review from customer who purchased and install this mural backsplash
 I am very happy with my choice and it looks absolutely fabulous on my kitchen wall and that anybody would like to make their kitchen to look special should order one of your back splashes Julia

window backsplash of vineyard and sunflowers
Review:   Linda's work is just so beautiful and can turn a bland space into a mini art gallery. Her artistic painting on the tiles and attention to detail make this piece of art something really special in our home.  My mural choice was the "Sunflowers in the Vines" and I swear to you, it looks like we had a window installed in our kitchen over the stove. It's that realistic when finished!  So, do yourself a HUGE favor and make that connection with Linda. She is a delight to work with and extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the ordering process. Her website has sooooo much information along with many, many pictures along with tile ideas and selections. Linda, we thank you very much for enhancing our home with your beautiful work plus turning my kitchen into a showplace and making it a real treat to be cooking in such a gorgeous space!  Linda and Dick Walsh

  wild horses mural in bathroom shower stall  
Wild horses mural in bathroom shower stall
The two sizes of gold travertine tiles are the perfect setting and framework for our  Wild Horses tile mural
  “ knew we loved horses and the fact that you were able to find Linda Paul was a miracle.  The shower, that the tiles were installed in, became more magnificent and alive with Linda’s artwork and the way you chose to frame it...all our friends gasp when they see the uniqueness of how it all came together.  Inspired by Linda Evans, designed by  Bill Stevens, architect and consulting designer" for Vista Santa Rosa Hacienda, La Quinta, California”  read more customer Reviews of our tile murals

custom fleur de lis mosaci tile and copper fleur de lis
Go BIG and beautiful

 Fleur de Lis Backsplash by Linda Paul Studio. Stunning Custom 56 x 24" mosaic tile kitchen back splash with metal fleur de lis accents and wandering vine border in copper oil rubbed finish.

Fleur de Lis back splash medallions

A Day in provence tile mural kitchen back splash over sink
Sink Area French Backsplash

Our Day in provence tile mural and accent tiles over this sink gives this area a view and something to dream on. We can add your family's names to the street signs.

fleur de lis backsplash design
Fleur de lis Backsplash design

Metal tile accents are a great idea for creating a budget backsplash with a wow factor.
Fleur de Elegance  and studded bracket accent tile onlays. 

  Sunset over Tuscany in custom dining room buffet

Buffet backsplash

Sunset over Tuscany on tumbled marble installed in a beautiful custom dining room wall cabinet.

shop online for Sunset over Tuscany

wine and roses splash with matching hood border tile
Wine and Roses Mural with Matching hood border tiles

In this photo artist Linda Paul designed a  matching decorative rose tile border  to go  around the cooktop hood which is  custom made by California Custom Cabinetry in Petaluma, CA

Vineyard  tile tile mural over wolf range
 Our Vineyard  tile mural over Wolf stove in the this amazing custom kitchen   more about The Vineyard 

bathroom tile backsplash
Bathroom backsplash decorating idea

 Linda Paul's Tuscany in the Mist border tiles have been designed to go around the entire bathroom. What a great idea!

see more pictures of this bathroom tile border and matching mural

custom bar backsplash
Unique Bar Backsplash Designs

This customer installed the Bellagio listello liner in his solid granite bar backsplash. We customized a copper M for the center of the design.

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