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Original painting by Linda Paul of an arched window featuring a fat Italian chef, pizza, tomatoes,  basil, olives and garlic as well as a view of a  garden with outdoor pizza oven and pergola..  This  painting is perfect for Italian kitchen decor and  pizza restaurants.  Artist Linda Paul

Artists Inspiration: My inspiration for this artwork is my love of with wood fired pizza,  my tomato garden and all things Italian.  

Italian Pizza Kitchen
original painting by artist Linda Paul
framed size 35" x 29"   Price $2900.00
free shipping in USA and to Canada

Italian Pizza Litchen original framed painting


Italian Pizza Kitchen Original Framed art Painting by artist Linda Paul 35" x 29"
free shipping
Price $2900.00

     There is the only one in all the world, this is the original

The frame is a custom wood frame which I  have finished in a dark color to match the colors of the grapevine. I have inset some beige and gold travertine mosaic tiles around the inside of the frame.

 italian chef mural splash back This artwork is also available as a backsplash tile mural 

Here is how this artwork was created 


Things are moving right along now. I have added a layer of bronze to the grapevine border and started added my faux oil finish on the bottom using a caput mortum pigment and egg yolk. Caput Mortum (literally translated as death's head)  is a pigment originally made from the wrappings of mummies Adapted for today's world,  (and a lack of available mummies),  artist Linda Paul uses a caput mortem which is a natural iron oxide with complex layerings of sienna red and dark brown-black colors.

 I have worked on the pizza and other foreground elements. I like where is all is going

Watch this page to see this painting progress



The artwork is coming along nicely. I have pretty much finished the sculpting part which includes the Italian chef and the grapevine border. I have sculpted all the items in very low relief using a polymer. For the grapevine surrounding the window,  I have painted an underlayer of gold over over the sculpted polymer which I will paint with bronze metal powder and egg yolk and then apply dark brown shadows to emulate the look of oil rubbed bronze. Should look very cool



 Italian Pizza kitchen painting in progress

I have started painting in the background and added an outdoor pizza oven and garden pergola. I have sculpted mosaic tiles around the inside window arch area.

Next I will work on the other large elements like the chef and pizza as well as the sculpted grapevine border which will go around the window . The fat chef will be holding some Italian cheese as well as a garlic and some basil. That's pretty much perfect food!

Watch this page to see this painting progress


 refined sketch and painting begins

collecting pigments for fresco paintings

I have refined the sketch and drawn it on to a 30" x 24" board

Then I created a marble look to the wall around the arched window by adding wet pure natural pigments into wet acrylic polymer to achieve the marble look and texture.

 The pigments I use are natural earth ochres that come from ancient mines of France and Italy. In the picture (left) you can see the sedimentary layers of the Rousillon France ocher mine where I get my earth pigments


rough sketch for pizza kitchen painting
rough sketch


 linda's first tomatoes
Linda's  tomatoes on the vine dinner tonight)

Its time to start a new fun painting.  This summer I seem to be obsessed with wood oven pizza.  We bike over to Louisville for Lucky Pie pizza or go to Boulder for Boulder Organic Pizza.  So its seems apropos to make a pizza themed painting.

I start with a 2 minute rough sketch at my desk with a cup of coffee. This get my ideas down on paper. . The fast sketches usually capture my instincts and feel that I want and then I develop the painting from this initial inspiration

I planted 24 heirloom tomato plants this year and my first early girls tomatoes (in the picture to the left) are just ready for picking. I planted lots of big red ones this year which I will include in my painting along with my fresh basil.

The painting will feature a  window overlooking an garden with outdoor pizza oven and columned pergola. The window will be arched and the foreground will contain a fabulous margarita pizza, tomatoes, olives, basil, garlic, mozzarella cheese and a fat Italian chef overseeing it all. I may do an elaborate grapevine pattern around the window


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Seeing IS believing and we believe you will absolutely love your artwork from Linda Paul Studio. 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely enraptured with your purchase.

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