Italian Kitchen Window Backsplash Mural and accent tiles by artist Linda Paul

Beautiful Italian tile backsplash mural of a kitchen window featuring a still life of olive tiles, grapes, bread, cheese, garlic, olive oil, olives, rosemary, lemons and a hummingbird by American artist Linda Paul. Matching decorative accent tile too. Its perfect for Italian kitchen decor. This mural backsplash combines my Tuscan Kitchen Tapenade and elements from my Olive Garden backsplash. Made in my Colorado art studio.

Tuscany italy tile mural backsplash
Italian Kitchen Window by American Artist Linda Paul 
Price 499.00 and up

Artists Inspiration: My inspiration for this Italian style artwork is my love of Italy & all things Italian! I am inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany, windows, arches and architecture and of course Italian food. This Italian backsplash is perfect for Tuscany kitchen decor! Artist Linda Paul.
we can customize the label on the Olive Jar with your name. Extra $100.00 see below

 Our beautiful murals and accent tiles are made on 1/4" thick ceramic tile  
Please contact us  for custom sizes or to order your mural or accents on 4.25" x 4.25" tile

more details about tile types, sizes etc  About painted tile murals

Murals and accent tiles have a satin finish
 6" x 6" x 1/4" ceramic tiles

Italian Kitchen Backsplash 24" x 18" on 6" tile $499.00
Italian Kitchen Backsplash 36" x 24" on 6" tile $799.00
Italian Kitchen Backsplash 48" x 36" on 6" tile $1679.00
the 48x36 is a tad taller
see picture

Italian Kitchen Backsplash 54" x 36" on 6" tile $1890.00
Italian Kitchen Backsplash 60" x 42" on 6" tile $2450.00


Italian Kitchen Window with Extended Sky and Olive Branch

extended sku version of Italian kitchen window tile mural
we can customize the label on the Olive Jar with your name. Extra $100.00 see below

 6" x 6" x 1/4" ceramic tiles

Italian Kitchen tile mural EXT 30" x 24" on 6" tile $649.00
Italian Kitchen tile mural EXT 36" x 30" on 6" tile $999.00
Italian Kitchen tile mural EXT 42" x 30" on 6" tile $1225.00

Italian Kitchen Window short version (fits shorter, wider spaces)
Italian  Tile Mural backsplash
 6" x 6" x 1/4" ceramic tiles

Italian Kitchen tile mural SRT 18" x 12" on 6" tile $399.00
Italian Kitchen tile mural SRT 30" x 18" on 6" tile $599.00
Italian Kitchen tile mural SRT 42" x 24" on 6" tile $1042.00

Italian Accent Tiles on 6" x 6"  1/4" ceramic tile:     $50.00 each (can also be ordered in a 4.25" x 4.25" size)

sunflower & hummingbird tile
sunflowers & hummingbird


TOG-1 tile 6"

olive oil accent tile
olive oil & poppy


TOG-2 tile 6"

olive oil bread & black kalamata olives
Olive Oil & Bread


TOG-3 tile 6"

olives & rosemary tile
Olives & Rosemary


TOG-4 tile 6"

olive tree accent tiles
Olive Trees


TOG-5 tile 6"

tuscan design tile
olives and garlic


TKT-1 tile 6"

tuscan accent tile
olives & olive oil


TKT-2 tile 6"

tuscan accent tiles
olive oil and lemon


TKT-3 tile 6"

hummingbird decorative ceramic tile
hummingbird tile


TKT-4 tile 6"

tapenade recipe
tapenade recipe


TKT-5 tile 6"

tuscan honey
bee & poppy flower


TKT-6 tile 6"

tuscan olive oil
honey & oil


TKT-7 tile 6"

tuscany hill town tile
Tuscan hill town


TKT-8 tile 6"

hummingbird tile accent
Hummingbird tile


TOG-6 tile 6"

hummingbird accent tile
hummingbird and poppy


HM-1 tile 6"

Olive decorative border tiles with vine
Olive branch border

The branch runs continuously through the tiles. You can special order the continuous olive vine border tiles in any length you need

Olive Branch Border 36" x 6" on 1/4" ceramic - 6 tiles $300.00

or individual 6x6" Olive tiles $50.00 each
The branch does not run through the tiles

olive tile


TKT-11 tile 6"

decorative tile border


TKT-12 tile 6"

decorative border tile


TKT-13 tile 6"

olive border tiles


TKT-14 tile 6"

olives tile


TKT-15 tile 6"

black olive tile


TKT-16 tile 6"

add your name to olive jar label 
Customize labels with your name or anything you like

We can personalize the Olive jar or any of the bottle items in the mural with your name or restaurant or whatever you would like. Extra $100.00. see sample in picture to the left
Just contact us for more info

Installation pictures

Classic and Beautiful

Our 36" x 24" Italian Kitchen Window on 6x6" ceramic tile

Linda - Here are a couple pictures of our new Kitchen. We have an Irish Pub in our back room and my mom wanted an Italian Kitchen. Your painting is the focal point. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. My mom is ecstatic as is everyone who sees it. Many Thanks, Christian

This is a 42" x 24" version of Italian Kitchen Window on 6x6" tile

Review from customer who installed this mural:   OMG It is BEAUTIFUL, I love the mural. Thank you so much. It arrived at the most perfect time. We added a crema chair railing with crema gloss travertine around it.  Thank you again, beautiful work, Sincerely, Penny Cannon, Bergheim, TX

custom kitchen tile mural backsplash idea
Customer review:
"After reviewing several artists work we chose Linda Paul’s Italian Kitchen Window to replace an existing wallpaper cooking area backsplash. The size requirements were not an issue as Linda was able to customize to meet our needs. To say that we are pleased with the result would be a dramatic understatement. The result exceeded our high expectations and the Italian Kitchen Window is now the centerpiece of our beautiful kitchen."
Tom & Lynda Mays
Hilton Head Island, S.C.

The extended sky or square version is great when you need a taller mural

italian kitchen backsplash idea
We wanted to let you know that we received our mural and are so pleased. The mural came on Thursday as promised and we put it up on Saturday. We decided not to grout and we are very pleased the way it came out. We think the mural is absolutely beautiful and the changes we made were just perfect. Your colors are so vivid and we can't thank you enough for the special beauty it has added to our new kitchen. We find our selves standing in front of it, just staring!! Thanks so much for you help in making this mural a total focal point for our kitchen. Clay & Ginger Winger - Surprise, AZ

More reviews and comments from customers who purchased a kitchen backsplash mural from Linda Paul Studio

Italian Kitchen custom backsplash
This 60" x 42" custom mural
was installed in this remodeled kitchen.
 Installing two stove tops instead of a large one is a great idea from both an economic and functional standpoint.
Tuscan Kitchen design
A timeless kitchen design with Italian flair. The major elements like the Thomasville cabinets and countertop are neutral and classic
Our Italian Kitchen mural backsplash is the focal point of this kitchen's decor . The rest of the backsplash tile is a tumbled marble Noce  See how it runs in two directions , diagonal and straight. This is a
size 36" x 24" size on 6x6" tile

Italian Kitchen back splash design
size 36" x 24" on 6x6" tile

see more pictures of installed backsplashes

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Dimensions are given as length first, then height. 

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