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Hello, I am artist Linda Paul. This is my official website for the sale of my original paintings and kitchen backsplash tile murals. I hope you enjoy my work.

Linda Paul Studio is owned and operated by artist Linda Paul in beautiful Colorado.  All artwork on this site is made in the USA.

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Artists Statement"
When asked ‘What is your favorite painting’, I always say, ‘the next one I am going to paint!”

Favorite question and life philosophy is WHAT IF?  I will follow even a thread of curiosity when combining mediums or styles. Letting process take me on any tangent.. What's the worst thing that could happen? Even what seems to be any ugly painting or a failure will lead to other things that are not. I feel that unless I am prepared to fail, I can not improve and grow.  For me life and art are a process, not a finished product or end result.

I am committed to excellence. It is my philosophy and personal standard to create beautiful, lasting works of art and that my customers are ecstatically happy with their purchase and the service they receive.   This philosophy translates into everything that is created in the studio from the original paintings,  canvas prints and tile murals. Quality,  beauty  and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

I guarantee everything that comes out of my studio.

Linda Paul Studio has received the award for Best Service 3 years in a row from Houzz , the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish .

It is my personal commitment to make sure your experience with Linda Paul Studio is as close to perfect as possible. Your order and any issues will be handled with the utmost care, consideration and outstanding customer service.

We have thousands of ecstatic customers around the world who have purchased our canvas prints, kitchen backsplash tile murals and original bas-relief and egg tempera paintings.  Our customers are homeowners, builders, decorators, restaurants and interior designers.

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"We would like to thank you for the fabulous art work, which has finished off our new kitchen in style. Everyone who has seen the mural thinks it is indeed like looking through a window on Tuscany. We would probably run out of superlatives, but the mural is rich, sumptuous, a feast for the eyes - and we find something interesting to focus on each time we step into the kitchen.  Your service from ordering, through packing to delivery was exemplary.  We would absolutely recommend your work to anyone considering it".   Pauline and Mel Owen

 "Linda's artwork is so original and unique.  I spent hours online trying to find a warm Tuscan feeling, one that had really deep, rich colors.  Maybe it is the egg tempera, or Linda's fabulous designs, but either way, the mixture is perfect!  Furthermore, the quality of the work product is exquisite.  The tiles arrived extremely well packaged in several layers of shipping materials, they are sealed to perfection, and labeled for easy installation.  My wife and I installed in about two hours and had a great time doing it!  Priced right, looks incredible, I am a totally satisfied customer.  Look for my next order this summer!  Pedro M. Fairfield" 

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Style: I don't paint in any one style, I let inspiration speak to me and I go with the flow. My work runs the gamut from abstract to impressionist painting.

Over the years my style has morphed from egg tempera paintings of Italian, French and still life themes to contemporary abstract paintings that reflect my mood and are inspired by color and feeling. Currently my paintings are acrylic abstracts of sea, sky and nature. I love to play in many mediums and also create glass tiles and mosaics.

.  One of my other favorite mediums  is
egg tempera which I make by crushing stones and minerals and adding egg yolk.
Blues come from crushed lapis lazuli, greens from malachite and natural green earth found around Verona Italy. I even use minerals found during hikes in the Rocky Mountains.   
I am captivated not only by the purity and naturalness of this medium, but by the science of it. Each pigment has its own set of properties and capabilities that must be explored. How better to express visions of the earth than with earth itself.  This medium is luminous and lasts for centuries.
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I also make my own acrylic paint in the same manner. By adding pure pigment to a acrylic polymer. I can add thing like crushed mica , metals and pearlescents to make the painting come alive.

Artist's Inspiration:
I am inspired by so many things! I especially like nature in all her forms. I like concepts, process  and abstract ideas

In my still life/landscape paintings,  like to juxtapose sculpted bas-relief products of nature (the chunky part) against soft impressionist landscapes of their origins.

 I do not paint from photographs. Rather, I collect vignettes and ideas from different things that inspire me and then in my mind I will put them together into a painting.
In my abstract work I might just put a few strokes of painting on a canvas and see where it takes me

My very first artistic influence and favorite painting was by artist Lawren Harris from the Canadian Group of Seven. Growing up in Saskatoon (Canada), my parents would take me to the Mendel Art Gallery where they have this untitled Harris original painting of mountains. Even at a very young age I was drawn in by the raw power of the painting. It spoke to me.

Art Licensing
Linda Paul's images have been licensed for:
Restaurant Menus, Wine Festival Posters, CD music covers, wine labels, book covers and greeting cards

Just a few of the restaurants featuring Linda Paul artworks:
Maxwell's  - An American Brassiere, Englewood, CO
Poggios's Restaurant - Denver CO
BURRACHOS Mexican Restaurants in  La Crosse, WI & Marshfield, WI. 
Max & Erma's on the Boulevard - Columbus Ohio
Mexican Gardens Restaurant - Southgate MI
Sloppy Jose Mexican Restaurant - Marquette, Michigan
The Gondolier Italian Restaurant - Boulder Colorado
JG's Tarentum Station, PA
Arbor Ridge Vine & Grill, Buckner, KY (featuring The Vineyard on outdoor sign, menus, restaurant uniforms)

This is the story of Linda Paul's artistic journey: Linda Paul was an urban planner and developer in Ontario, Canada. She married and immigrated to the United States in the early 1990's and found herself without a green card. With boundless time on her hands, she spent many hours walking the beaches in the San Francisco bay area. She would pick up pieces of dried seaweed and examine their shape. Deciding the sea plants looked like people, she decided to haul some home and paint faces on them. If this sounds very childlike, it was! Having painted the faces, she needed something to stick the seaweed people in. Some plaster should do it. Then needing to paint the plaster, she bought some basic kindergarten powder in dark blue, and voila, her first piece of art was born. It really looked like something a six year old child had created,  but it was exactly this innocence and complete freedom that led her on.  Liking the texture of her first "creation" , her brain thought, "I wonder what some plaster carrots would look like on a board. Off to the lumber yard for plaster and the grocery store for carrots!  Her second piece was called "Flying Carrots" (see below) Something in her mind just opened up like a tidal wave and she was smitten with creating. Liking the vegetable theme, she created three more sculpted vegetable pieces and boldly entered them in an art juried art show in Burbank , California. She knew right there that this was to be her new path in life.

Many years later, Linda Paul is now an internationally recognized and collected painter and artist 

First four paintings in Mythos Gallery, Burbank, CA - 1995

artist linda paul first paintings