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Welcome to my Bonsai Page.
 In theses times of Covid-19,  I have taken up bonsai as an additional creative outlet and I am hooked and obsessed. My back deck already looks like its been hit by a foliage explosion.
This page will tell my bonsai story starting with my first piece and Colorado inspirations.
It will be interesting to see how the world of bonsai makes its way into my paintings! Join me on my journey.

 bristlecone pine bonsai inspiration
September  2020 Colorado Mountain Inspiration

Went on a trip to southern Colorado to get inspiration and some little trees for bonsai . This very old bristlecone pine at the top of a canyon is great inspiration.  I love metaphor for survival in the harshest conditions
hole in rock for little bonsai
Spent days trying to find a rock with a hole in it (not that easy). This one is perfect for my tiny little wild bristlecone pine.

September 9, 2020 My very first bonsai!

I had a Juniper (juniper procumbens "nana") in one of my succulent pots that has been outside here in Colorado for a year. I watched a bunch of youtube videos (my favorites by Peter Chen and Jason Chan). Then with a pair of garden shears and fine art scissors. I gingerly hacked away. Being a semi-cascade style I know it is in the wrong pot and I have not yet wired the pads, but you gotta start somewhere and I felt I had already tortured it enough for one season. I added some quartz crystals I found at my dads mountain property and some mini hens and chicks to fill out the pot. and so it begins