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ocean painting for sale
 Ocean of Emotion 24" x 24" original on canvas $499.00 sold

original tuscany painting
Tuscan Kitchen Tapenade
29" x 35"   artist's collection
fresco  still life painting with fruit
Italian Fresco Wall  with fruits and veggies
sold Oct 2023
fresco painting with vegetables
Italian Fresco Wall  with fruits and veggies
sold Oct 2023

primary colors set of 3 paintings
 3 Primary Colors abstract art painting. 24" x 24" $499.00 each or sold Nov 6 2022
abstract sailboats-painting
Wind in My Sails Sold March 2023

spring abstract painting - red and gold with green glass squares
abstract red poppy painting
Life Series original paintings
abstract red mixed media painting
contemporary art of three pears -  painter Linda Paul

three apples contemporary paintings
Peppers, apples and pears: Sold   
three peppers contemporary art painting

black and white art wall decor
Black and White Butterflies #2 Original Painting 21" x 25 sold
black and white art painting
Black and White Butterflies #1
Original Painting Sold march 2022

Down The lane french painting
Down The Lane
egg tempera painting 
Fields of Tuscany original landscape painting
Fields of Tuscany original egg tempera painting
 sold Nov 2021 

set of 3 purple green white abstract art
Green and Purple Abstract Art paintings, Sold October 2021
sunset landscape painting
Skyfall 12" x 16" original acrylic landscape painting sold July 1, 2021
contemporary landscape paintings of red trees and sunset
Set of 2 paintings Red trees and Sunset and Autumn Trees Sold September 2021

blue abstract flower painting
sold 2019 Blooming in Blue
set of 3 pink and purple abstract paintings
sold Feb 15, 2021
space lily blue painting
Space Lily sold July 28, 2021

turquoise blue flower abstract painting
Turquoise Bloom 36" x 36" original acrylic on canvas sold may 12 2021
abstract turquoise painting for sale
Movement in Turquoise 24 x 30  sold Dec 11, 2020
 lotus flower painting
Lotus Flower  original acrylic painting 30" x 30"   sold Dec 8, 2020
inspirational art  - green flower painting
A New Beginning -Green Clematis
 original acrylic painting 30" x 30"

 sold Dec 8, 2020

abstract cityscape painting
City by The Bay 30 x 24" original painting  Sold Dec 19, 2020
abstract sailboat painting
sold June 25 , 2022
Picasso fish art cubism paintingFishing with Picasso 30 x 40
Sold Dec 19, 2020
abstract flower painting majenta bloomMagenta Bloom 36x36 sold 2019

flowers of the ocean abstract art by Linda Paul
Flowers of the Ocean 36" x 36" original abstract painting  sold Dec 7
blue and white abstract art for sale
Inside the Bloom Abstract Painting 16" x 20"
sold dec 7
ocean abstract painting
  Adrift on The Ocean Original painting 20" x 20"
sold Dec 7, 2020

New York city painting for sale
turquoise grey and yellow ocean paintingsold Nov 2022
water lily art
Water Lilies Original  painting  Linda Paul sold Dec 2022
poppy painting
Red Poppy painting

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