Handmade, hand painted glass tile art of Tropical Garden with orchids, parrot, bird of paradise flowers
 Glass Tile Backsplash art by American artist Linda Paul

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Bird of Paradise - tropical glass tile art with parrot, orchids hand-painted hand-made glass tile backsplash art by artist Linda Paul

Size: 12" x 12"  (x 7/16" thick)  (glass is 1/4" thick then there is a 1/8" board attached to the back

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This beautiful original handmade glass tile backsplash artwork is hand painted with reflective, sparkly shards behind 1/4" glass. The glass is then backed with a protective backer board. The art is completely protected and the artwork of the tiles catches and reflects the light beautifully. Just glue to your backsplash wall and tile around or Linda can frame it for your in a black metal frame (extra $100.00) to hang as ready to hang backsplash art.

side view of glass tile

tropical tile with flowers parrot
video birds of paradise painting
watch 17 second video showing how this glass art sparkles and catches the light

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Artist's Inspiration: I really wanted to create something happy and bright that reminded me of some of my favorite botanical gardens (at Onomea Bay on Big island) and tropical islands that I have visited.  artist Linda Paul

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