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Beautiful backsplash tile mural of  Tuscan vineyards, wine bottles, wine glasses, grapes on the vine, pears, cheese, rosemary and Italian villa. 
Artist's Inspiration: I love misty mornings in the vineyards. Whether in California, France or Italy there is something magical about the mist hanging in the grape vines. Its all so perfect and still. I wanted to capture that feeling in this wine still life and vineyard landscape.  The pottery holding the breadsticks has a miniature painting of a wine cellar.  This artwork is perfect for wine and grape kitchen decor! Artist Linda Paul.

The Vineyard  By American artist Linda Paul $ 399.00 and up
Shipping is free in Continental USA and Canada.

the Vineyard tile mural backsplash
click picture to see larger image - copyright info will not appear on the mural that you purchase
we can add your name to the wine label (extra $100.00) see sample

Pricing & Online Shopping

 4" x 4" tumbled stone tiles


Vineyard mural backsplash 28" x 12" on 4" tile $399.00
Vineyard mural backsplash 36" x 16" on 4" tile $499.00
Vineyard mural backsplash 44" x 20" on 4" tile $699.00
Vineyard mural backsplash 56" x 24" on 4" tile $899.00

add tile border trim
    stone tile borders   
vineyard tile mural with gold travertine border

6" x 6" tumbled stone tiles

Vineyard mural 30" x 12" on 6" tile $399.00
Vineyard mural 36" x 18" on 6" tile $450.00
Vineyard mural 42" x 18" on 6" tile $699.00
Vineyard mural 48" x 24" on 6"tile $799.00
Vineyard mural 54" x 24" on 6" tile $899.00
Vineyard mural 54" x 30" on 6" tile $1,229.00
Vineyard mural 66" x 30" on 6" tile $1399.00
Vineyard mural 78" x 36" on 6" tile $1899.00
Vineyard mural 84" x 36" on 6" tile $1999.00

 the 30 x 12 is cropped a bit from the top see picture 
the 48 x 24 a little is cropped off each side. see picture
the 78 x 36 a little is cropped off each side. see picture
the 84 x 36 a little is cropped off the top. see picture


Dimensions are given as length first, then height  
A note on sizes:
4x4" marble tiles actually measure 3-7/8" and 6x6" marble tiles measure 5-7/8". The listed sizes allows for grouting.  If you push the tiles tight together the murals will measure slightly less than the listed sizes.   For example a 30" x 24" mural actually measures 29-3/8" x  23.5" if the tiles are placed tight together.

Custom Tile Murals:  We can  create a custom backsplash mural to fit your individual space.  Just give us the length and height of the space you have for your mural, and we will email you a quote with pictures to show exactly what your mural will look like. We use either 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" tiles, so your measurements should fit dimensions using either of these tile sizes.

Shorter Versions

vineyard mural on marble tile
shows picture of actual mural
Version A

Version A on 4x4" tiles

Vineyard backsplash  20" x 16" on 4" tile $399.00
Vineyard backsplash  24" x 20" on 4" tile $459.00
Vineyard backsplash  28" x 20" on 4" tile $469.00
Vineyard backsplash   36" x 28" on 4" tile $699.00



Version A on 6x6" tiles

Vineyard  backsplash 24 x 18 on 6x6 tile $399.00
Vineyard backsplash 30 x 24 on 6x6 tile $499.00


The Vineyard Version B backsplash
     Version B   click picture to see larger

Version B on 4x4" tiles

Vineyard backsplash  24" x 16" on 4" tile $399.00
Vineyard backsplash 28" x 16" on 4x4 tile $449.00
Vineyard  backsplash 32" x 20" on 4x4 tile $529.00
Vineyard  backsplash 36 x 20 on 4x4 tile $549.00 

Version B on 6x6" tiles

Vineyard backsplash 30 x 18 on 6x6 tile $399.00
Vineyard backsplash 36 x 24 on 6x6 tile $599.00
Vineyard backsplash 54 x 36 on 6x6 tile $1290.00

The Vineyard kitchen tile spalshback version C   
The Vineyard version C with extended sky and grape leaves.
This version works well where you need a taller splashback or if you are planning to cut some of the top off to fit an arch
click picture to see larger image

Version C on 4x4" tiles

Vineyard backsplash Ver C  16" x 12" on 4" tile $399.00
Vineyard backsplash Ver C  28" x 20" on 4" tile $469.00
Vineyard backsplash Ver C  40" x 28" on 4" tile $799.00
Vineyard backsplash Ver C   44" x 32" on 4" tile $999.00
Vineyard backsplash Ver C  56" x 40" on 4" tile $1549.00



Version C on 6x6" tiles

Vineyard  backsplash Ver C 24 x 18 on 6x6 tile $399.00
Vineyard  backsplash Ver C 42 x 30 on 6x6 tile $869.00
Vineyard  backsplash Ver C 48 x 36 on 6x6 tile $1199.00
Vineyard  backsplash Ver C 60 x 42 on 6x6 tile $1750.00
Vineyard  backsplash Ver C 66 x 48 on 6x6 tile $2200.00


Don't know What Size to Order?  If you are not sure which size of backsplash mural to order, just email us a straight on picture or design drawing of the space you have for your backsplash and we can tell you which is the best size for your space.  Be sure to include all dimensions.

Wine Accent Tiles: 
Accent tiles: 4" x 4" or  6" x 6" $40 each

tuscan villa tile
TV-1   Villa


pear and cheese still life tile
TV-2   pears & cheese


cheese and grapes accent tiles
TV-3 cheese & grapes


wine glasses tile
TV-4  two wine glasses


wine grapes and rose
TV-5 wine glass & rose


wine decor accent tile
TV-6 wine bottle & glasses


Italian cheese tile
TV-7 Italian cheese


 grapes on vine accent tile
TV-8 grape vine


pear cheese grapes
TV-9 red pear flower grapes


grapes vine
TV-10 grapes vine


square picture frames   tv-6 accen tiles in square frame  You can add a frame to any of our 4x4" or 6x6" accent tiles and hang them as wall art
 buy frames

We can design the perfect backsplash mural just for you! Artist Linda Paul is an expert in designing her images to fit your space perfectly!

Tile sizes used for murals & backsplashes are:
4" x  4" or  6" x  6" (x 3/8") tumbled stone marble

Our  murals ship in approx. 4 weeks,   free shipping
you can expedite your order to ship in 2 weeks for an additional charge of $100.00  (see below)
accent tiles ship in two weeks (3 days if they are in stock)
see our in stock murals that ship in 3 days

   photo of installed vineyard mural

Our 42" x 18 " Vineyard in customer's kitchen


customer comment: "Thought you might like to see where your mural ended up. Everyone that see's it just loves it. Thank you so much. " Tami and George Vardakas  Ft. Wayne, IN


  close up of backsplash with mosaci tile and metal frame from Linda Paul Studio

Our 24" x 16 " Vineyard version B mural backsplash shown in a  Chateau grape custom mosaic frame

Outer dimension  of frame is 31" x 24". Inner dimension of frame is 23" x 16"
Price for 24" x 16" mural $399.00.  frame is $1395.00

If you press the 24" x 16" Vineyard mural tiles tight together it actually measures
23-5/8" x 15-3/4", so you just have to cut a bit of the arch at the top and a smidgen of one side .
go to Chateau Grapevine mosaic tile frame

 Kitchen backplash ideas and design with The Vineyard tile mural Featured Vineyard Kitchen backsplash design idea

Stunning custom kitchen and installation of our Vineyard splashback mural. Wow!

see more kitchen backsplash ideas
Vineyard backsplash in kitchen niche alcove idea Vineyard Tile Mural installed in Brick Kitchen Niche

Love this backsplash installation of our  36" x 24" Vineyard backsplash installed in this recessed brick backsplash niche. The customer cut the top of the mural to fit the arch of the alcove backsplash
vineyard backsplash over wolf range
"We love our mural so much. The size fits perfectly under our hood and above our 60 inch Wolf range.  Thanks for all your help" , Suzanne Knoll, Alamo TX
JWOWW new kitchen with Linda Paul mural backsplash
 Just say WOW to this celebrity kitchen belonging to JWOWW
from Jersey Shore with Linda Paul's Vineyard mural backsplash. Love the cabinets at different heights, the green granite and beautiful light fixture. Mural size is 36" x 18"
 vineyard mural in travertine tile
Very pretty installation of our Vineyard mural set in gold travertine tile and  framed in wood that matches the cabinets. There's a nice little grapevine detail on the cabinet below the cooktop.
grapes and wine tiles in white kitchen
Version A of The Vineyard with cream travertine tile border

Click pictures to see larger images
 vineyard backsplash with cherry cabinets
This is a beautiful installation . The border tiles around the mural help transition between the mural and the diagonal field tile 
wine rack installation of tile mural back splash
Check out this stunning installation  in this custom wine cabinet. 
vineyard mural with mosaic tile liner Viking stainless hood
 36" x 24" Vineyard mural splash back with mosaic tile liner and Viking Hood and range. Fabulous! 
accent tiles placed in between subway tiles
Vineyard accent tiles inserted into 3x6 travertine subway tiles  
kitchen backsplash design with mosaic tiles
 Unique kitchen design with mosaic tile backsplash, our Vineyard mural and cream travertine border tile. Also notice the glass block backsplash detail and  cabinet drawers 
Vineyard 36 x 24 back splash with ivory border tile
of an Italian inspired kitchen with our Vineyard kitchen mural and ivory marble border tile with 2x 4 cream marble subway tile backsplash

installation of spalsh with pt filler
close up of mural for kitchen picture (left) The customer did not grout this mural, just placed the tiles tight together. The rest of the backsplash is grouted

accent tiles from The Vineyard and Tuscany Arch
Accent tiles from Tuscany Window and The Vineyard go very well together. The rest of the back splash tile is installed on the diagonal 

before picture of kitchen backsplash         after picture of backsplash instalation
before and after pictures of mural installation

see more installation pictures of The Vineyard 

vineyard backsplash in wine cabinet mural size 56 x 24       butler's pantry with custom back splash
Picture of custom wine cabinet /butler's pantry with our 56" x 24"  Vineyard mural surrounded by our gold travertine 4x4" tile and gold travertine pencil border and also our copper grapes decorative accents

the vineyard 28x12
click photo to see larger image
"Hi Linda, Just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have this beautiful mural in my kitchen - it definitely is the focal point! I've received so many compliments - from friends, family, and even my contractor who installed it. The details and vibrant colors are amazing. Thanks again for the lovely mural! Best regards, Elizabeth"  

Read reviews and comments from other customers who purchased a kitchen backsplash mural.

Picture shows The Vineyard size 28x12"


double vine version of The Vineyardclick picture to see larger image double vine versions - special order
30" x 12" on 6x6" $399.00
48" x 18" on 6x6" $599.00
 52" x 20"  on 4x4" marble tile for $799.00
 60" x 24" on 6x6" marble tiles for $999.00  
double version vineyard mural  on 4x4" marble tile
36" x 12" $399.00
48" x 16" $599.00
60" x 20" $839.00 
on 6x6" marble tile
36" x 12" $399.00
54" x 18" $$699.00 
double verion of the vineyard  double vine version - special order

 48" x 12" on either 4x4 or 6x6" tiles $459.00
 64" x 16" on 4x4" tile $719.00


you can expedite your order to ship in 2 weeks for an additional charge of $100.00
just click add to cart

email  our tile design experts or call 1-800-936-9958  to order or inquire    
toll  free  from USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii

Our tumbled stone murals come with a satin finish. 

Our tile murals are easy to clean with soap and water and are designed to be used as kitchen backsplashes & behind stoves & ranges.

About our tumbled stone tile murals & kitchen backsplashes
murals stone tile   side view of tumbled stone tile 

Request a Sample! email us to request a mini paper sample  (3" x 2").  Please include name of the artwork, your name, address and phone #.  USA only . The paper samples are very close in color to the tiles , but not exact.  If you wish an exact color match, we suggest you order an accent tile.

Shop Online!     we accept Visa, Mastercard American Express & PayPal 

Artist owns the copyright of all artworks displayed. Use of artwork is prohibited without written permission from the artist.