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 Mile High Bonsai by Linda

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Tiles Murals and backsplashes

Kitchen backsplash tile murals page 1

 In Stock Kitchen Backsplashes  

Glass Tile Backsplashes DIY

Glass Cutting Boards

How to Install tile murals

How to Install Metal Accent and medallions -

Tile Mosaic Medallions

1" x 1" metal accents collection

flower  metal accent tiles

metal tile borders

metal grapes decor collection

Fleur de lis metal tile accents  

 Fruit and vegetable tile collection

Discount tile murals & backsplashes  

Kitchen Backsplash Designs and Ideas

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 solid metal accent of olives, crabs and crawfish 

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 About our tile murals & kitchen backsplashes

Customer Reviews of our tile murals

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Custom tiles - your photo or art  on tile 

ceramic tile installation instructions

Original Paintings List:

Abstract dragonfly and Flower Painting

Agate and Rock Slide paintings

 Another Day in The Canyon - Colorado art

Angels in the Vines 

Blue Flower Energy - abstract

Contemporary paintings of 3 apples, peppers, pears

  Autumn Leaves  painting    re

Arianne Ballet Dancer  

 Art of Coffee

Back from The Garden Painting  

Beach Song - abstract ocean wall art

Black and White Butterfly paintings

Boules Painting - French Landscape Painting

Dance of the Snowflakes Painting 

Enlightenment clouds landscape painting

Fish Art Paintings 

Fleur de Lis  paintings

Fields of Tuscany impressionist painting

Floral Dance Party - abstract art

Fresco Wall (with fruit & veggies)

Giselle au Nuit Painting  

Grape Vines (fall vineyard) painting 

Happy Colorful art Painting 

 Hollyhock Lane and Down The Lane French Paintings  

Italian Pizza Kitchen painting

Life series with Poppy  set of three

Louisiana Kitchen Original paintings

Mama's Cooking, Pepper Tango & Holy Trinity

Looks Like Rain

Love and freedom and two birds at Sunset

Magenta Sunset Abstract  Flow Paintings

Mother of Pearl - Blue Sky

Nutcracker Original Painting

Ocean waves

Orchid Flower Paintings  - abstract Floral art

Paintings of trees

Pink Petals abstract flower painting

Primary Colors set of 3 abstract art paintings

Purple and green abstract set of 3 paintings

Pearls in The Sand and The Blue Pearl - beach paintings

Red Poppy 

Sailboat Regatta
 square abstract art paintings 

Sunrise in the Canyon

The passage ocean sunset

The Road Less Travelled

Three Dancers  

Times Square - New York City painting

Tropical Rain Forest in The Abstract

Turquoise Reflections and Turquoise Too

Turquoise paintings - turquoise string-theory 16 x12

Tuscan Kitchen  

Tuscan Village Paintings of Italy  

Water Lilies Painting    

Wave energy 

Where Earth meets sky landscape - sold

Wild at Heart and Movement in Turquoise

Wild Wisteria   Sold

Windswept Bonsai tree painting sold

Wing abstract painting

Yellow Butterflies and Just Bee

Tile Murals & Backsplashes:

 A Day in Provence backsplash

Bird of paradise - tropical flower tile mural

Chili Pepper Kitchen backsplash

Colorful Sailboats tile mural backsplash

Crab and Shrimp accent tiles

Dogs in The Kitchen DEL

Everything Tuscany backsplash

Fish Tiles

Fishing with Picasso - Fish tiles

Flamingo tiles - blue coral and Pink Flamingoes

Floral dance Party modern colorful flower tile mural

Farmhouse tile mural ducks and pig

French Bistro

French Country House 

 fleur de lis backsplash

Italian Kitchen Window   

Italian Pizza kitchen backsplash  

Louisiana Kitchen

Luncheon of The Boating Party - Renoir Tile Mural backsplash del

Mermaid tiles

Monet's Water Lily Garden 

Nautical Map Chart Tile Murals

Olive Garden tile mural 

Poppies, Hummingbird, dragonfly tile mural

Rooster and Sunflowers Kitchen backsplash

 Roses & Vines 

Seahorse Tiles and Tile Mural

Sea Turtle tiles

Seashell tiles

Sunflowers and Bee Tile Mural

 Sunflower Field 

 Sunflowers in the Vines

  The Vineyard kitchen backsplash 

The Passage - ocean sunset tile mural

Tropical paradise tile mural  

Tropical Tiles - Palm Tree

 Tuscan Kitchen Tapenade backsplash

 Tuscany Arch  

 Tuscany in the Mist

 Wall of Ages  

Wild Horses mural

Windswept Bonsai Tree Tile Mural

Glass Original Tile Art

Bird of Paradise - tropical glass tile art

Butterfly Art and Tiles

Hummingbird , Red poppies and dragonfly glass tile mural

Fish Bones glass tiles

Fleur de lis mother of pearl mosaic medallion

Pineapple tile accents

The Rooster Glass Art  

Sea Glass fish tiles

Seahorse and Shell tile

Sunflowers and Bee glass tile art

Dragonfly Glass Tile Accents

Chateau Grapes Mosaic tile medallion   

Fleur de lis grand Vienna Medallion

5 Fleur de lis mosaic medallion

Fruit basket medallion

Arched fleur de lis medallion backsplash

Rachels Flower backsplash tile medallion

Ravenna Plaque medallion

Regal Fleur de Lis plaque and onlay

Rhode Island Red Rooster medallion

Pineapple medallion 

Tribecca medallion

Roosters and critters accent tiles

Falling Leaves medallion and accents collection 

 mini medallions

 custom monogram letters medallion

Landmark Metalcoat collection for sale online

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Articles - Tuscan Colors for Italian decor